Of bloggers || Get to know the Italian bloggers!

Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well, watching this post in your most relaxed mood as you drink your favorite beverage.
The decision to create and post this special, arrived fast and fastly was operated.  My major inspiration goes to Molly @Bi Bookish Babe, who contacted me some time ago to be part of amazing mater list of over 100 queer bloggers! So I thought to make something similar for Italian bloggers

In the future there will be some surprises, hopefully, so this is not the last time you see of them. Before getting into this list, I want to thanks the bloggers that helped me find and reach out to other people, contributing to list:

Actually…. wait! Last but not the least important is  Karis! She contacted during the early phase of the project with an amazing and kind proposition: she will deliver some ARCs to the bloggers when she will visit Italy again!


Disclaimer: main blog or social is linked directly in the blogger handle

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Of Bloggers || Useful place for graphics

Of Bloggers

Hello, dear bloggers! I usually never do those kind of features, but it’s a thing that was going through my mind since quite a time. I don’t think it will actually become a permanent feature, but something I will post sometimes when I found something interesting.

Also because I’m not exactly the best bloggers to be seen as a reference when we’re talking about advanced blogger stuff.

dumb jim carrey GIF

Me most of the time I get an actual idea for the blog. One that will take ages to get into an actual post.

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