The Authors’ Corner || Interview with Amy Trueblood


Hello, fellow bookish folks! If, some time ago, you read by post dedicated to some books I rarely talk about (but I should do it more), I wrote about a little surprise. And in fact, here we are!

I was able to contact the author some time ago, thanks to Vicky @ Vicky Again (once Vicky Who Reads), and I still keep a note with some useful contacts, but remember that I won’t repeat anything like this for a long time. All just to say that is not a new feature I’ll publish with frequency.

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From bookshop to readers || April 2020


Hello, fellow bookish folks! Today we’re here with our monthly blog post about new releases.
At first, after seeing that I had the post in my list, I thought: is it still worth to do?
You know, with the virus situation and everything, some books’ releases are being pushed in the next months. Still, there are probably some books that are coming out, one way or another.

So, I included the ones that will see the light to public in April. Please, forgive me if some dates and books are wrong! I don’t follow all the authors in the list and I’m basing this post on Netgalley and Goodreades dates. Hopefully they all have been updated to their rightful dates and no problem will arise in the list.

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It’s April time || What happened last month?

Hello there, bookish folks!
In the last recap I mentioned how much I felt off, how I needed to re-asset myself, and for a moment I did, but I didn’t manage to keep up behind three posts.

Again, I don’t want to give any promise on how I’ll succeed in the blog posting again, but I’ll try to give my best. And, to be honest, I was dubious about posting this recap because my March has been a pretty empty, but… also it couldn’t hurt, right?

Let’s hope this April will set in a new course I’m in desperate need of.

tired cat GIF


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March is starting! || A recap of two months and what’s ahead

Hello, dear bookish folks! I’m alive, indeed. Yes, I’m not dead.
As usual, after accomplishing something important (which I will talk about later in the post), I started to slump. In a mix of mental tired-ness, desire to relax and thinking of nothing, plus the stress of seeing so many people with zero common sense on the internet (I won’t talk about this), I was almost tempted to drop everything.

But since blogging is a hobby that always made me proud, giving me a platform I can manage as I think it’s best, and all the promises and goals I proposed to myself for 2020… I’m back.
I’m not keeping up as I should, but after reaching a goal some people need to re-asset themselves and so I’ve too.

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From bookshop to readers || November 2019


Hello, fellow bookish folks! I hope you are good and enjoying your time.
First of all, let me add a note about how sorry I’m if the graphic’s post banner looks strange or off poor quality. My laptop, the only object that had Photoshop in it, fall and broke. So, at the moment I’m using second program it creates them,
Maybe the result isn’t so bad, but I will update them in the future.

On a second point, I’m back with a feature that I stopped posting during this year. I was thinking about making its debut again in 2020, but I think it’s worth seeing if this one will get liked as it was at the start.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out some release for the month of November!Read More »