Of books|| Things of my life I never saw in a book


Hello, dear readers!
I hope that your week is finishing on a positive note. Since this post was scheduled on Monday, I’ve no idea in what kind of state I’m in. Probably surviving academy and advancing very slowly in my reads.

Today I decided to write down a post that was going around my mind since quite a few times. I hope you will find this list to be pretty fun. The blog really needed a touch of freedom from heavy topics, and I’m pretty sure it will benefit my stressed human and blogger mind.

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Bookending Winter 2018 || The Bookish Cenone


Hello again, bookish folks! Today is the second day of me hosting the Bookending Winter event 🙂

I saw my last prompt wasn’t that popular, but maybe this will? I hope so. But in any case, it’s still okay because I like to write more relaxed posts. Sometimes the blog need it 😉

Funny thing about this prompt is that it’s all based onto luck… or your last readers choices. I did a little peek at mines, before starting to writing down, and… ugh, people! I do terrible decision for my prompts.

Also, sorry for the little delay but looks like WordPress decided that I didn’t scheduled the post and didn’t publish it. >.> WordPress, always collaborative.

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Book review || Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen


We’re officially entering the month, readers! After the post dedicate to new releases, I’m here with a brief review about a book that I read some time ago and I want to share with you what I think.

The author has become a little more know last year thanks to her new fantasy series. But in this case we’re going into a historical retelling.

This one is also an olde review I wrote on my italian blog, but since I’m planning to finish soon the third and last book, I decided that is time to bring my opinion on the first two novels here.

It has been a bit since I read this novel and I listed down all the trigger warning I can remember of. In case you have something to add or correct, please write it in the comments.

TW: poor oppression, violence, death, incarceration,  torture, abuse against women

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Bookish Award || Mystery Blog Award


Hello, dear bookworms! Tomorrow I will be officially on vacation.. kind of. I’m still going to work but I will manage to get some morning or afternoon free. I want to go around the city as much as I can and also read a bit.

Anyway, I decided to styart this month with a chill award, questions and answers. It’s a long time since I did something like that, but the blog need a more lightly post.

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