From bookshop to readers || June 2020

Hello, dear readers! How are you all doing? Today is time for the second post of the month, in which I listed down some titles that will be release in June!

With the help of Goodreads and Netgalley I treached nineteen novels and, I must say, there’re quite a number of fantasy! And I also listed some titles I absolutely have not seen around book twitter at all.

There’s not much more to say, so I hope you will discover some new titles and have fun checking out all the upcoming releases

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Oof, it’s June ||Where are the first six months?

Wait… is that a Camilla? Yes, you know that blogger that every month promises a great start, she keeps it up for two weeks or so then disappear into thin air. Next month, she repeats it.

Yes, I’m the one. As usual, I suck at intro and after up and downs I’m not here with some random promises, but just to narrate a bit about my month and learnt a bit of yours too.

Only one thing slightly concerns me and it’s about this year. Again, where did it go? I felt like I was stuck and not only for the lockdown. I wasted a lot of times and pushed back a lot of creative stuff I could have work on. Same story for reading! Always, I try to work on not being bothered by it, but it’s always pretty hard.

There’s not much to say, but let’s move on with it. For me, it’s the only way I can finally feel ready to write down all my other post ideas. I’ve an important discussion I intend to write about, probably to be released by the end of the month, so I better move myself.

Time to be ready for… very few reads and a lot of plants! Also… I’ve been experimenting with the new WordPress editor in this post. Probably you won’t spot any big diffrence but I will have my fan.

P.s. I changed the general graphic! I discovered the illustration I was using integrated elements (a particular hat in one specific case) that touched other cultures and practicies. As none of them were general witch attires which are part my culture, and so I’ve no place to use them for decorative reasons, I took them down and created a new header.

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Book review || Luminous by Kristy Fairlamb


Hello, dear bookish folks! Gott admit, I was almost bailing out my schedule again. I had hit a moment in which my brain told me “You’re tired of this”, but all I really needed was starting to write down all the needed posts.

A thing that I’m done right now. So, anyway, my brain not collaboration with me or the contrary, today ia review day!

Kristy, aka the author, was so kind to me and offered me an e-Arc of her work. In the past I had the chance to interview her and review the first novel of the series, and I didn’t throw away this occasion.
But (yeah, sorry for the but) this time my read with this novel didn’t work out as better as with the first book. I didn’t 100% feel comfortable at tagging the author, so Kristy will have to excuse me if I didn’t this time.

I prefer to tag authors only with full stars reviews, like the etiquette suggest, but whatever I feel like the right thing to do, Kristy was always anything but nice so let’s go with the review!

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The Authors’ Corner || Interview with Amy Trueblood


Hello, fellow bookish folks! If, some time ago, you read by post dedicated to some books I rarely talk about (but I should do it more), I wrote about a little surprise. And in fact, here we are!

I was able to contact the author some time ago, thanks to Vicky @ Vicky Again (once Vicky Who Reads), and I still keep a note with some useful contacts, but remember that I won’t repeat anything like this for a long time. All just to say that is not a new feature I’ll publish with frequency.

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Book review|| Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova


Hello, dear bookish folks! How is everything going? Are you having a nice Monday?

As usualy, I post poned the writing of this review until it was posting day, so here I’m writing it down for you all. I just love to thank my memory to be relative fresh, and reading it with Haley @The Caffeinated Reader helped a great deal.

I was lucky enough to get approved for an e-Arc of this book, and I was expecting it at all! I’m glad some publisher still keep an eye out for international reader like me.

But without any other need to wait, let’s dig inside the review! Is it possibile to dig a review?Read More »