From bookshop to readers || November 2019


Hello, fellow bookish folks! I hope you are good and enjoying your time.
First of all, let me add a note about how sorry I’m if the graphic’s post banner looks strange or off poor quality. My laptop, the only object that had Photoshop in it, fall and broke. So, at the moment I’m using second program it creates them,
Maybe the result isn’t so bad, but I will update them in the future.

On a second point, I’m back with a feature that I stopped posting during this year. I was thinking about making its debut again in 2020, but I think it’s worth seeing if this one will get liked as it was at the start.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out some release for the month of November!Read More »

Of books || The ways of the spooky season

Happy Halloween, fellow bookish folks! I hope you’re well!
I’ve been in a strange mood for a couple of days, mostly fixating on my games and… doing nothing else. I probably need to relax a little bit, because I’m burning out again without really noticing.

Anyway, here I’m with a new silly post about… Look, I’m 100% sure about what it’s about. A reader converting in a supernatural creature? Someone embracing the dark side? Or maybe you’re embracing pumpkin spice and other cinnamon thing in your life?

Who knows, especially who knows what the heck is the taste of pumpkin spice and how to properly use it, since it’s not a thing in my country.

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The Book Addiction Tag


Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well while I’m…. late with my exams. During these days I’ll be mostly on my own while at home, because one of my parents will be out for a travel and the other at work.

I’m happy because I can regulate my needs without feeling judged, like when I take a small break from the exam project. But also, I’ll have the dinner under my control. Still no idea what to cook for tonight anyway 😂

Anyway, time for a special thanks to Meeghan @Meeghan Reads! She tagged me and to be honest… the blog was totally in need of something relaxing and fun?Read More »

September is here! ||A new recap and a new style

Happy first day of September, bookish folks!

I know that in the past two months (or even three) I’ve been in a constant “Hello, I’m finally back” only to disappear again after the first two weeks of the month.
I already stated multiple times, but 2019 has been a terrible year for me in term of productivity.

I cannot assure you all that September will skip the repetitive scheme, but today I’m here with a tiny recap for you all.

As you know, intro isn’t my forte, so if you don’t mind, I’ll reserve the main chat for the upcoming news!

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Of Books || Characters that are like me

Characters like me RA

Hey, dear folks! I hope you’re well. I’m still in Abruzzo and without wi-fi., so if you’re reading this post thanks my phone hotspot.

I admit it was pretty heavy for me to publish this or just to come back writing for the blog. When I started the travel I was sure I was going to come back home early in few days, but the trip took longer, so I’m still hear. And I wasn’t in the mood for working at all. I need to respond my friend messages but I kept staring at them with no thoughts. Maybe writing this and publish it will help me waking up my mind a tiny bit?Read More »