The WIP Chronicles || All the books read so far for OUAL


How are you? fellow readers and this time fellow writers too! It has been a bit since I wrote a writing dedicate post, but I finally found the time.

This won’t be a particular post at all, just a list of text that I explored for creating the world of my current writing project, OUAL. I thought about writing some more complex topic, but then I have a hard look at my face in the mirror and I realized that… I didn’t want to 😂

I’m just not in the right mood for that and there’s the whole year for being heavy. So, let’s roll on in the non fiction world!Read More »

January Recap || It was okay but February is here


Hello, dear bookworms! How are you all? I hope good. It’s time for a recap and for some reasons has been ages since I’ve done one. Or feel like I’ve done one.

I think that in the past months I skipped a proper recap. My mind wasn’t in the right place.

But ehi, things happens. So, I’m writing this recap at possible speed book blogger light mode. Because yes, I forgot that today is the last day of the month and my schedule for February is full. Terribly full.


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