Book Review || Romanov by Nadine Brandes


Hello, bookish people! Today the post is a surprise, because I wasn’t planning to finish the book so soon, but I did. Now I feel the huge need to write down a very fresh review for the novel, because:

  • I really need to raise my Netgalley ratio
  • I’ve another need and it’s about expressing probably my black sheep opinion

Yeah, reasons aren’t that deep but I also want to take out this review of a book I took too much time to read. And I’ve to express my feelings, of course.

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The WIP Chronicles || Important decision, changes and doubts


*Steps in, waving her hands at the bookish folks around*

Hello everyone! Last time you saw me with the recap post, in which I talked about what happened to me and some choice I made. And today it’s time to explore some recent decision I made about my writing.

With said post I’ll be finally back from my break and probably my up and downs. I’ve a lot to write about and I hope you will bear it with me.

So, yeah, time to dive inside the writing related section of the blog as I talk about doubts, new decisions, and why despite this all I’m very happy.

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May’s goals ||A recap of 2019 and what I plan to start again


Hello, dear bookish folks! I hope you’re well and I’m officially here with my return on the blog after this first very shitty months!

So, as some of you that followed me since last year, 2019 has been a very up and down year so far. I couldn’t find the way to turn back active. Some of the fault can fell onto my mental health and the vibes I get from where I live. But on the other side, I know I didn’t manage my time wisely.

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Book Review || Lucid by Kristy Fairlamb



Happy Tuesday, bookish folks!
Again, I’m sorry for been absent for so long. Neither blog hopping around your blogs. It’s almost sure that I was passing by a burning out period on every terms because this 2019 has been shitty to me so far.

Anyway, seems like I may manage to turn back active? At least I’m trying. So, today, I decided to turn active again with a review.

On the intro’s notes, it’s worth to make you notice that the authors, Kristy Fairlamb, has been interviewed on this same blog too. You can find the interview right here. Also, Kristy ‘s debut on my blog opened the path for a new feature on the blog, aka The Authors’ Corner.

But now, let’s move to the review! And do not forget that the book will be out the 23rd of April. Also, you can find the novel in the Read Now section on Netgalley!

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The Authors’ Coner || Interview with C. G. Drews


Happy second day of April, dear bookish folks! I hope you’re all well.

Today I’ve a full day of presence at the academy, so I doubt I’ll manage to be here and active, but I’ll leave you all with a nice interview!

Because yes, the features of The Authors’ Corner goes on this month.

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The Bloggers in the Attic || April’s event and theme


Hello dear readers! Welcome back the intro of the new April’s event organized by The bloggers in the attic. 

If you’re wondering what this is about, I want to inform you all that such initiative already took off during February. You can find the first introduction post right here. Last time I think I can affirm that we all have a blast, or at least enough fun. The topic of required read ignited a lot of interesting discourse.

Now, time for a little recap….

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The Authors’ Corner ||Interview with Kristy Fairlamb


Hello dear bookish folks!

I know that during the last month I popped in an out, screaming how I was turning active, but I didn’t realized how I was still burning out from stress, exams and other stuff. Also, technology is against me, because thanks to a very nice storm, my dear connection left me. Reasons why the post is a little behind the supposed schedule.

But… yes, there’s a but, because nothing is better than starting it with a thing that I was waiting to announce since time: during this year I’ll host some authors’ interivews!

Today is the day when everything start and….

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