Book review|| Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova


Hello, dear bookish folks! How is everything going? Are you having a nice Monday?

As usualy, I post poned the writing of this review until it was posting day, so here I’m writing it down for you all. I just love to thank my memory to be relative fresh, and reading it with Haley @The Caffeinated Reader helped a great deal.

I was lucky enough to get approved for an e-Arc of this book, and I was expecting it at all! I’m glad some publisher still keep an eye out for international reader like me.

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From bookshop to readers || May 2020


Hello, bookish folks! How is everyone doing?

Currently, in Italy are lifting a little bit the lockdown… which is totally not the right thing to do, because Italians aren’t the smartest one out there. A some kind of nice way to say that everything will go to hell pretty soon.

Anyway, to lift the spirit, today I’m here with some new releseas of the month! There are quite a few and I was able to catch some novels out of the young adult range. I don’t always manage it, but I like to add few extra suggestions to exit some zone usually full of young adults readers (just like me).


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May is here! || Send help or join the chill

Here we’re. We’re in March. Who is ready? I’m not, in the sense that I’ve some energy, but I know it’s gonna leave me as soon as we dive into the month.

Maybe this time I’ll keep up to my blog schedule? Yes? No? For sure I’m writing this blog post just day instead of having scheduled it, so I’m not on the good path.

clown GIF by Team Coco


As usual I’ll pretend everything is fine, because the dog who drinks coffee in a fire is my pure essence. And yes, I’m talking about the gif. But! Now no more time to talks about random stuff and me clinging to them as I repeat my non accomplishment in a never ending circle: time for recap!

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Of books || Books I love but rarely talks about


Hello, dear bookish folks! How is your life going?

I’ve finally received news from my academy! At the moment they don’t plan to change the thesis date, but we will have a new date in November, and that’s probably the date I’m going to choose for my degree.

But to talk back at bookish stuff, it’s time for a quick list of ten books! Okay, maybe I did talk many times about some of them, but only some. Not all, that’s for sure. It’s that, thanks to my slow reading pace, I tend to read much less books than other folks and this usually lead me to fall behind too many novels to count. Which means: being repetitive.

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Watching on Screen || Crimes shows that crossed my path


Hello, dear readers! I don’t even remember when I published here a post dedicated to tv series and films, but maybe it’s time to add a new one, since I got a quite long list.

I renounced long time ago to do complete reviews for everything I watched, and to be honest, I prefer give priority to books. I mean, this is a book blog, in the end! Right?

Anyway, here comes a long list of shows worth watching (or maybe not) if you’re into thrillers, mysteries and crimes.

Disclaimer: all “resumes” of the series have been take from imdb site, so not words of that is my own!

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