NaNoWrimo 2018 || Of Pantheons and angsty characters


Hello, dear readers and writers! How has been your week?

I’m late on my scheduling and read failing goals as usual, and I’m passing this day just sewing because next Friday I need to deliver a bunch of sewing blueprints.

Trust me, is not nice. But today I’ll be here with a fun post for you all. Remember that you can read the first post of introduction on my blog, right here.Read More »


Watching on Screen || Animated series worth watching – Netflix edition



It has been quite a while since I wrote something related to film  and tv series. And since all the things I saw where starting to pile up… I decided to try out to make some sort of mini reviews, or giving you some good reasons why this series (or films) are worth to be watched.

Or to spend your time with.  Anyway, in this case I’m gonna feature a range of series that is not anime, but really cartoon-ish. Age target is very different from one another and so are themes.

Oh, and yes, Netflix edition is because you can find these show on Netflix.Read More »

Book review || I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson


Hello, dear reader! I’m here writing this review for you all and quite fast too, because:

  1. During these last days I was really tired and without the strength to schedule
  2. I was not in blogging mood

Yeah, I know. Bad blogger. But since one of my goal for the month is to schedule everything, here I’m. SO, while you will read this one, I’ll be there, behind the blog, blogging fast. What a mood, right?

TW: death of a loved one, bullying, suicide attempt, rape, outing

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NaNoWriMo 2018 ||A history or re-writing and welcome to my WIP


Hi, dear bookworms and writers 🙂 Today is the first day of our NaNoWriMo encounter.

Now, few disclaimer notes: no, I’m not actually doing NaNo in the strict sense. But I would love to get this month as an occasion to share  my writing, talk about other stuffs I love, discuss in general. Also, a way to research.

Yes, as I wrote I’ll not write, but instead I’ll research. I’ve been lacking and slacking on that side. I don’t know how much I’ll do, but I’m trying. Sometimes I need my time to just relax, to clear my mind, and I’m trying to get the bright side of focusing on concepts and researching, instead of writing.

 star wars rogue one rebel star wars rogue one i rebel GIF


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Of books || Ten back listed book I want to read


Hello, dear bookworms! This month I decide to sign up to at least two prompts from the Top Ten Tuesday. Today theme is about backslisted books, which is absolutely perfect. I’ve tons of backlisted book I never read. And with that I think I can include books from the year 2015 to 2000. Right?

perfect regular show GIF



To be honest I’m not sure what can qualify as a backlisted book. Especially in my case. I’m not into classic or many of the past adult book, so mostly of my choice fall on young adults and fantasy, the majority quite easy to find.Anyway, in this case I’m gonna chose just from the year 2015 and behind.Read More »

Book review || Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen


We’re officially entering the month, readers! After the post dedicate to new releases, I’m here with a brief review about a book that I read some time ago and I want to share with you what I think.

The author has become a little more know last year thanks to her new fantasy series. But in this case we’re going into a historical retelling.

This one is also an olde review I wrote on my italian blog, but since I’m planning to finish soon the third and last book, I decided that is time to bring my opinion on the first two novels here.

It has been a bit since I read this novel and I listed down all the trigger warning I can remember of. In case you have something to add or correct, please write it in the comments.

TW: poor oppression, violence, death, incarceration,  torture, abuse against women

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From bookshop to readers || November 2018


Happy second day of November, dear readers! Today I’m gonna post a brief list of new upcoming release for the month of November 🙂

If I look at the other months, I must say that this one looks quite normal, including a lot of sequels and not new books. It’s quite okay in my opinion, since has been a great year.

A great year in which I read not a single 2018, but these are details. Please ignore me.

But now, let me focus on the book  and on every reader favorite part.

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