May is here! || Send help or join the chill


Here we’re. We’re in March. Who is ready? I’m not, in the sense that I’ve some energy, but I know it’s gonna leave me as soon as we dive into the month.

Maybe this time I’ll keep up to my blog schedule? Yes? No? For sure I’m writing this blog post just day instead of having scheduled it, so I’m not on the good path.

clown GIF by Team Coco


As usual I’ll pretend everything is fine, because the dog who drinks coffee in a fire is my pure essence. And yes, I’m talking about the gif. But! Now no more time to talks about random stuff and me clinging to them as I repeat my non accomplishment in a never ending circle: time for recap!Read More »

It’s April time || What happened last month?


Hello there, bookish folks!
In the last recap I mentioned how much I felt off, how I needed to re-asset myself, and for a moment I did, but I didn’t manage to keep up behind three posts.

Again, I don’t want to give any promise on how I’ll succeed in the blog posting again, but I’ll try to give my best. And, to be honest, I was dubious about posting this recap because my March has been a pretty empty, but… also it couldn’t hurt, right?

Let’s hope this April will set in a new course I’m in desperate need of.

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March is starting! || A recap of two months and what’s ahead


Hello, dear bookish folks! I’m alive, indeed. Yes, I’m not dead.
As usual, after accomplishing something important (which I will talk about later in the post), I started to slump. In a mix of mental tired-ness, desire to relax and thinking of nothing, plus the stress of seeing so many people with zero common sense on the internet (I won’t talk about this), I was almost tempted to drop everything.

But since blogging is a hobby that always made me proud, giving me a platform I can manage as I think it’s best, and all the promises and goals I proposed to myself for 2020… I’m back.
I’m not keeping up as I should, but after reaching a goal some people need to re-asset themselves and so I’ve too.

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A book blogger in the 2020 || It’s all about goals


Happy start of 2020, dear fellow bookworms! I’m back from hiatus and with many purposes for this new year.

As you saw, if you followed me during 2019, my year was a non-stop of ups and down. To the point that during the whole month of December I decided to took a definitive hiatus and so my time to present myself with a brand-new month schedule.

im back GIF


As much as I wish too, I can’t fully promise I’ll be back in perfect shape. In fact, this post was finished in the last day of 2019. Yes. My month has a schedule but is not scheduled. Hopefully, my burn out is in its last days.

I would love to keep talking about the blog and my complete inability to keep up, but let’s use the interesting part for the actual post, instead of the introduction.
Anyway, I sincerely hope that this new year will be, if not a lot, slightly different.Read More »

September is here! ||A new recap and a new style


Happy first day of September, bookish folks!

I know that in the past two months (or even three) I’ve been in a constant “Hello, I’m finally back” only to disappear again after the first two weeks of the month.
I already stated multiple times, but 2019 has been a terrible year for me in term of productivity.

I cannot assure you all that September will skip the repetitive scheme, but today I’m here with a tiny recap for you all.

As you know, intro isn’t my forte, so if you don’t mind, I’ll reserve the main chat for the upcoming news!Read More »