The WIP Chronicles || All the books read so far for OUAL


How are you? fellow readers and this time fellow writers too! It has been a bit since I wrote a writing dedicate post, but I finally found the time.

This won’t be a particular post at all, just a list of text that I explored for creating the world of my current writing project, OUAL. I thought about writing some more complex topic, but then I have a hard look at my face in the mirror and I realized that… I didn’t want to 😂

I’m just not in the right mood for that and there’s the whole year for being heavy. So, let’s roll on in the non fiction world!Read More »

The WIP Chronicles ||Of little regions, lost paganism and a peculiar coffee


Happy Monday, dear readers! And writers! I hope you’re well 🙂

Today is time for another writing post in which I will discuss in more depth about my new project, WIP II. I’ll try to do a little special about the region I’m exploring, in a way to make you curious.
I need to be truthful with you and let you know that your curiosity and the semi hype you show, makes me super eager to work on and on. I definitely love to find a way to make you interested.

But let’s not waist more time and let’s go into the land of writing wow my introductions are really bad and you know by now
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The WIP Chronicles || A change of plan and a new project

OUALnew project

Hello, dear readers! This is the first official blog post from my hiatus. I don’t count my 2019 resume, used as an intro few days ago. That post was… a pre-start, some words in which I used to talk about my mess and success of the year so far.

Again, this year I was planning to join NaNoWriMo, but for sure it won’t happen in July. I don’t want to already say no to the official event in November, but I also want to keep it realistic. I will take it with philosophy. Worst option is that I’ll write again in 2020. Anyway, despite my semi break, I decided that this month I’ll write some special about my new project, for now called WIP II.

As a plus note, I want to remember to all the writers, that there’s a Discord channel dedicated to writing, opened by me and six other people. You just need to click on this link and you are ready to dive in!

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The WIP Chronicles || Important decision, changes and doubts


*Steps in, waving her hands at the bookish folks around*

Hello everyone! Last time you saw me with the recap post, in which I talked about what happened to me and some choice I made. And today it’s time to explore some recent decision I made about my writing.

With said post I’ll be finally back from my break and probably my up and downs. I’ve a lot to write about and I hope you will bear it with me.

So, yeah, time to dive inside the writing related section of the blog as I talk about doubts, new decisions, and why despite this all I’m very happy.

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The WIP Chronicles || Personality test and some ghosts

thewipchronicles - 1

Hello, dear bookworm and it’s time for the first revelation that I was planning to make. WELCOME TO THE WIP CHRONICLES.

Or a really uncreative name but also very fitting one for the situation. In this writer mini features, I’ll update you all on my WIP, some funny facts, some research update I managed. I want to thanks the dear Kal @Reader Voracious , because I remember that she was very positive about this… and so here we are.

oscars applause GIF


It may end to be a monthly feature, if luck will support me along managing time. I really hope you will enjoy this first official try 🙂

Also, remember that you can check the previous and similar post with the NaNoWriMo special:

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