The Bloggers in the Attic || How reading diversely changed us and its importance


Hello, followers of the chain. At least, I hope if you got there it’s because of the chain, the discussion chain.
Luck assisted me again, because I’m still in Abruzzo and I’ll probably depart next Sunday morning. But nothing is sure. So yep, I’m still publishing the post thanks to my phone hotspot.
I’m so glad it’s keeping on and not leaving me in the middle of the nothing.

Anyway, for other details, please consult the information’s I’ll leave down here. As the opening post of the discussion, I’ll host the general presentation and the list of the participants.Read More »

The Literary Salon ||Female characters can’t win uder sexism. Never.


Hey, readers! First of all, I’m sorry for the post delay, but two days ago I had a terrible night that included not getting sleep, getting it just too be wake up an alarm and get very disturbing nightmare for the rest of the night. I ended up living on one hour of actual decent sleep. So, you can imagine why I was late to the blogging party.

Anyway, today post will move around an important topic that will probably make me fight with some reader, or get a pat pat on my back for approvation. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, why it irritates me so much and how much, we as reader, influence the view of a character and not always in a good way.Read More »

The Literary Salon ||Is that actual representation? – A videogame case

LiterarySalon - videogame

Hello, everyone! Today is time for another discussion post but this time, instead of focusing on book, I’ll remain on the game theme. Last post on the blog was a very strange review of Life is Strange, season one and DLC. And I wrote strange (again) review because I’m not sure where did I went with it.

Today I’ll talk about a thing that is pretty common in the games’ world when it comes to queer representation. It’s time to destroy a pair of things of our beloved series and stories.

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Il Salone di Torino ||The Salone, the readers and the fascists


Hello, bookish folks! Today post is a special. It wasn’t programmed and I wrote it still semi-fuelled by the rage I felt few days ago. Everything stemmed because of some dreadful event and announcements, along with the not surprising and unsupportive reaction of many Italian bloggers.
Same reasons why this post will be written both in English and Italian.

Flag: Italy on Apple

Salve a tutti, lettori italiani! Se seguite il blog, sapete che spesso non pubblico in Italiano, ma questo post speciale sarà scritto sia in inglese che in italiano. Devo ringraziare diversi blogger italiani che hanno suscitato questo post. Potete leggere il post in italiano a questo link. Ho dovuto dividere il documento, altrimenti sarebbe venuto troppo lungo.Read More »

The Bloggers in the Attic || April’s event and theme


Hello dear readers! Welcome back the intro of the new April’s event organized by The bloggers in the attic. 

If you’re wondering what this is about, I want to inform you all that such initiative already took off during February. You can find the first introduction post right here. Last time I think I can affirm that we all have a blast, or at least enough fun. The topic of required read ignited a lot of interesting discourse.

Now, time for a little recap….

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