The Bloggers in the Attic || How reading diversely changed us and its importance


Hello, followers of the chain. At least, I hope if you got there it’s because of the chain, the discussion chain.
Luck assisted me again, because I’m still in Abruzzo and I’ll probably depart next Sunday morning. But nothing is sure. So yep, I’m still publishing the post thanks to my phone hotspot.
I’m so glad it’s keeping on and not leaving me in the middle of the nothing.

Anyway, for other details, please consult the information’s I’ll leave down here. As the opening post of the discussion, I’ll host the general presentation and the list of the participants.Read More »

The Bloggers in the Attic ||Social issue and required reads in Italy



Hello, dear bookish folks! Today, in the second day of February, it’s time to celebrate. And you know why? Because a new amazing project is now officially on!

I’m soon going to explain the event and their participants in a little intro. The initiative was put on quite fast. I admit that maybe I should have taken a little more time to make everything more comfortable for the other participants, but I’m really happy people decided to hop in.

And now, time for explanations!Read More »