The Book Addiction Tag


Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well while I’m…. late with my exams. During these days I’ll be mostly on my own while at home, because one of my parents will be out for a travel and the other at work.

I’m happy because I can regulate my needs without feeling judged, like when I take a small break from the exam project. But also, I’ll have the dinner under my control. Still no idea what to cook for tonight anyway 😂

Anyway, time for a special thanks to Meeghan @Meeghan Reads! She tagged me and to be honest… the blog was totally in need of something relaxing and fun?Read More »

Blogger Award ||Versatile Blogger Award


Hello again, bookworms! Today was my first day back at academy I can’t save me and so I’m probably trying to survive my post-lesson moment with a coffee.

I’m trying to get back into the blogging mood, but for now I’m trying to focus on more free and nice posts… since for the weekend I’m planning to write an interesting discussion post. It will be about writers themes and I hope it will come out pretty good.

But now let’s go on with the award. Read More »

Book Tag|| Listicle Tag


It feel like I posted a tag ages ago and might be the truth. Anyway, I finally decide to go trough all my pingbacks and finally found the link in which I was tagged month ago. To be honest: BLOGGER GOAL!


excited happy birthday GIF



It’s not really a super long tag but is also perfect for this period, thanks to the tagger choice ❤ Also, get the occasion for visiting their blog. Caro @The Book Cheshire Cat is one of my favorite, even if I don’t visit it enough as I should

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The Sunshine Blogger Award || Second edition



What can I say, this is the second time in which I get nominated for this award. And people loves me. This is the proof.

Anyway, I wanted to start this month in a cheerful way and I decided to spent a little of my time on this award. To be honest, when I’m writing this, I’m not even in the best mood ever because of personal stuff. Nothing really serious, but still have a bit of effect on me.

So, I hope we can mutually cheer ourself up with this awkard and my brilliant answers, in case you need it.Read More »