Of Writers || Do and don’t of writing Italy

DADOWI - Writer

Happy writing post day to all the readers and writers out there! Today I’m here with a special post. It won a poll, like ages ago, and all my good ideas about writing it down were swept away by me… slacking off and rolling in my bed. You know, instead of doing things.

This post won’t be too much polemic, and I’ll try to handle the issues at my best, but some points may turn out to be difficult to discuss about. Especially since this one was supposed to be a laid-back mini-article. But if you know me, you also know how laid back and me aren’t two words that often goes together.

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The WIP Chronicles || All the books read so far for OUAL


How are you? fellow readers and this time fellow writers too! It has been a bit since I wrote a writing dedicate post, but I finally found the time.

This won’t be a particular post at all, just a list of text that I explored for creating the world of my current writing project, OUAL. I thought about writing some more complex topic, but then I have a hard look at my face in the mirror and I realized that… I didn’t want to 😂

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Of Writers || Sixteen questions for a writer and their characters


Hello there, dear bookish folks and today a special hi for all the fellow writers!

It has been quite a lot since I wrote something dedicated to this craft, and I thought to change a bit my registry. I’d moving with on and off on my WIPs and my characters, but this time I want to concentrate on something else.

Reasons why, I decided to ask myself some already made questions about writing! For this, you must thank Fuck Yeah Character Development, a blog on Tumblr dedicated to writing.

I found an interesting list of forty questions, mostly character oriented, but I thought I could work around them and realize something worth a bit of your time 😊Read More »

Of writers || Six bad things I did to myself as a writer

SixBadThingRAHello again, fellow bookish folks. I’m writing this post while side watching a silent gameplay of Blair Witch. I’m slowly regretting it, but the game is not as scary as I thought… at least not for now.

This post was supposed to go up at least last week but I was not exactly in the mood. Sadly, I’m a lot behind my exam scheduling and I’m trying not to panic about it. One of the reasons why I will try to blog only at night and concentrate during the rest of the day. I really need to put out a turbo on my schedule.

Anyway, let’s go on with this post, in which I won’t talk about OUAL (despite things going great on that project), but I’ll talk a bit about the worst thing I did to myself as a writer.

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The WIP Chronicles || A change of plan and a new project

OUALnew project

Hello, dear readers! This is the first official blog post from my hiatus. I don’t count my 2019 resume, used as an intro few days ago. That post was… a pre-start, some words in which I used to talk about my mess and success of the year so far.

Again, this year I was planning to join NaNoWriMo, but for sure it won’t happen in July. I don’t want to already say no to the official event in November, but I also want to keep it realistic. I will take it with philosophy. Worst option is that I’ll write again in 2020. Anyway, despite my semi break, I decided that this month I’ll write some special about my new project, for now called WIP II.

As a plus note, I want to remember to all the writers, that there’s a Discord channel dedicated to writing, opened by me and six other people. You just need to click on this link and you are ready to dive in!

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