Of books || A guide to survive the upcoming summer


Hello, dear readers!
Long time since I posted, but I’ve to be totally sincere and admit that my great plan to get active again during 2019 are failing amazingly. Anyway, I finally decided to get few moments and publish this post for inaugurating my return to writing blog posts.

Some time ago I wrote about a survival guide for readers to apply during winter, You can find the post here, but I thought that it would be funny to create a version for the warmer season.Read More »


Of books|| Things of my life I never saw in a book


Hello, dear readers!
I hope that your week is finishing on a positive note. Since this post was scheduled on Monday, I’ve no idea in what kind of state I’m in. Probably surviving academy and advancing very slowly in my reads.

Today I decided to write down a post that was going around my mind since quite a few times. I hope you will find this list to be pretty fun. The blog really needed a touch of freedom from heavy topics, and I’m pretty sure it will benefit my stressed human and blogger mind.

So, time to move in the list!Read More »

Book Review || Shutter by Courtney Alameda


Happy Tuesday dear readers!

I’ll probably be semi missing during this time, because times in the academy are becoming more and more frenetic. There’s a lot to do and the final runaway is approaching.

Anyway, here’s time for a review! I did this read with my dear Kal @Reader Voracious. You can find her review right here 

Sadly, the book didn’t give much to discuss during the read but left us with a good bunch of questions. But I’ll explore the details in a bit 😉


TW: Gore, violence, death of beloved ones, abusive parent

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The Literary Salon ||Is that actual representation? – A videogame case

LiterarySalon - videogame

Hello, everyone! Today is time for another discussion post but this time, instead of focusing on book, I’ll remain on the game theme. Last post on the blog was a very strange review of Life is Strange, season one and DLC. And I wrote strange (again) review because I’m not sure where did I went with it.

Today I’ll talk about a thing that is pretty common in the games’ world when it comes to queer representation. It’s time to destroy a pair of things of our beloved series and stories.

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The Bibliophile Gamer ||Life is Strange – Season one & DLC

Life is Strange RA

Hello, dear readers but also… HELLO GAMERS! Today, after ages, my feature dedicated to videogames is back.
Last post was about  Alice: Madness Returns, a sequel game of a series that despite this can totally stand on its own in terms of story.

Definitely this time I’m going to talk about a different game, which may attire more readers who aren’t into action games but more into narrated stories (and for people that still think that video games are just a smashing of buttons).

Now, let’s start with a very nice talk with one of the best graphic adventure games out there!Read More »

Il Salone di Torino ||The Salone, the readers and the fascists


Hello, bookish folks! Today post is a special. It wasn’t programmed and I wrote it still semi-fuelled by the rage I felt few days ago. Everything stemmed because of some dreadful event and announcements, along with the not surprising and unsupportive reaction of many Italian bloggers.
Same reasons why this post will be written both in English and Italian.

Flag: Italy on Apple

Salve a tutti, lettori italiani! Se seguite il blog, sapete che spesso non pubblico in Italiano, ma questo post speciale sarà scritto sia in inglese che in italiano. Devo ringraziare diversi blogger italiani che hanno suscitato questo post. Potete leggere il post in italiano a questo link. Ho dovuto dividere il documento, altrimenti sarebbe venuto troppo lungo.Read More »

Book Review || Heartless by Marissa Meyer



Hello, dear bookish folks! Today is review day and also the first review of the month.

During May, the majority of the review will be focused on hold reads, maybe with some exception in case of an ARC. I hope you will find it interesting anyway, or at least a big enganging.

Maybe you don’t know this, but Marissa Meyer was one of the first young adult author I read, first in Italian and then in English. She’s likes.. a precious memory? A first step into the world of young adult books? When Heartless came out I took my time before grabbing it, ending in almost one sit read.

Despite all, Heartless wasn’t the book that swept me off my feet, so let’s explore why…

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