Book review || The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Hello there, fellow bookish folks! How are you doing?
The week is reaching it’s middle but I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing. As I write you this words, I’m… currently scheduling this post. Sound so strange once it’s written down.

Anyway, while I write I’m watching a very interesting film, but probably trashy, called Priest. It involve a badass priest fighter, vampire and wasteland. I’ll just add that there are throwing stars that are actually cross.
The perfect background for writing a review, as the rain pour outside, a hot tea and a lighter candle by my side.Read More »

From bookshop to readers || November 2019


Hello, fellow bookish folks! I hope you are good and enjoying your time.
First of all, let me add a note about how sorry I’m if the graphic’s post banner looks strange or off poor quality. My laptop, the only object that had Photoshop in it, fall and broke. So, at the moment I’m using second program it creates them,
Maybe the result isn’t so bad, but I will update them in the future.

On a second point, I’m back with a feature that I stopped posting during this year. I was thinking about making its debut again in 2020, but I think it’s worth seeing if this one will get liked as it was at the start.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out some release for the month of November!Read More »

Of books || The ways of the spooky season


Happy Halloween, fellow bookish folks! I hope you’re well!
I’ve been in a strange mood for a couple of days, mostly fixating on my games and… doing nothing else. I probably need to relax a little bit, because I’m burning out again without really noticing.

Anyway, here I’m with a new silly post about… Look, I’m 100% sure about what it’s about. A reader converting in a supernatural creature? Someone embracing the dark side? Or maybe you’re embracing pumpkin spice and other cinnamon thing in your life?

Who knows, especially who knows what the heck is the taste of pumpkin spice and how to properly use it, since it’s not a thing in my country.

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The Author’s Corner || Interview with Jodie Lynn Zdrok


Hello, fellow bookish folks! I finally emerge again in the world of blogging with a special interview!

Originally, this was going to be posted quite a time ago, but things happened and so the post got procrastinated for a very long time. But there we are! That’s what matters.

So, today I’m here with an interview and the blog’s guest is Jodie Lynn Zdrok, the writer behind Spectacle.
If you’re wondering “is this book good?” you should totally check out my review, where I talk about the book that so far is still one of my 2019 favorites, or let Jodie speaks for her beautiful work!Read More »

Book review || The Last Hope by Krista & Becca Ritchie


Hello there, fellow bookish folks! It has been too much since when I posted something but I got some flash news from the academy, that added a exam in just a little more than a week, me getting medical exams and also being kinda tired and not in the right mental space.

I took my time before writing this review, a bit like I did in the whole 2019, but here I’m with a few salty note about this novel.
I was lucky enough to have the publicist offer me an e-ARC copy of this sequel I was waiting eagerly, but… it just didn’t live up. But let me explain that in the proper review.Read More »