Bookending Winter 2018 || The Bookish Cenone


Hello again, bookish folks! Today is the second day of me hosting the Bookending Winter event 🙂

I saw my last prompt wasn’t that popular, but maybe this will? I hope so. But in any case, it’s still okay because I like to write more relaxed posts. Sometimes the blog need it 😉

Funny thing about this prompt is that it’s all based onto luck… or your last readers choices. I did a little peek at mines, before starting to writing down, and… ugh, people! I do terrible decision for my prompts.

Also, sorry for the little delay but looks like WordPress decided that I didn’t scheduled the post and didn’t publish it. >.> WordPress, always collaborative.

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Bookending Winter 2018 || Winter Market


Hello dear bookish folks! Happy new day of Bookending Winter event! Finally my time has come and I’m officially a host. For this day and the next two. Isn’t that exciting?

Anyway, since I suck terribly at intros, I will just say that I’m really happy about this and I hope you will all participate to my prompts. I’ll do my best to pass by your post but I can’t promise I’ll reach you all.

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Book Review || Dark Mind Rising by Julia Keller


Hello, dear readers! I’m sorry for being a bit absent during these days but on Monday I’ve to deliver a project and I’m trying my best to move fast. So, that means putting blog a bit aside.

But today I’m taking this lunch break to go on with some stuff. I really wanted to publish this book review  and also I need to schedule the upcoming host days for book ending winter 🙂

I received this e-Arc from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Of Readers || Bookish preparations for winter


Hello, bookish folks! While I’m probably working at some academy project, this post will be up.

The last year I published a similar post but something happened. All the images were gone and the format was messed up. I decided it’s the perfect occasion to do a second edition of the post, with some nice addition.

Also, I feel like the blog really needed some kind of more free and cute post. Plus the Book Ending Winter is near and so nice post are coming, breaking all the future polemic post I was planning to write (but don’t worry. I’ll be back in January with those, or the end of the month).Read More »

The Literary Salon||Childhood authors and their messing up


Hello, dear bookish folks! For starting December in a bold way, it’s time for the first bookish discussion of the month.

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen the poll about which discussion was going to be posted during the month. A lot of people voted for  talking about how childhood author messed up with marginalized readers.

As you saw, I used a shorter title for the post but the concept is the same. Now, for other details, is time for a semi long disclaimer.Read More »

Book review || Lady Thief by A. C. Gaughen


Hello, bookworms! How are you all? Today it’s review time 🙂 And we’re still in the historical section with Lady Thief , the sequel of Scarlet, the pseudo Robin Hood retelling with a gender bender base.

This is also the first post of December after my little hiatus. As you saw, the month of November didn’t have any kind of wrap up, but that’s fine, since I’ve decided to focus onto the next and final one for December.

I promise this month will be a little more active in term of posts 🙂

TW: abuse, torture, PTSD

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NaNoWriMo 2018 ||A special edition about italian food


Hello, dear readers and happy Monday I’m just saying.  Last time I was writing the Sunday NaNoWriMo post and.. I realized how much it was long. After a brief poll on the Twitter, the majority voted for having two separated post. That’s how this special on Italian food is born.

Be ready for me destroying some of your convinction about the food from my country.

I thanks Sam @Fictionally Sam for her gentle help. She linked me a good bunch of recipes and restaurants to use as examples between the Italian cuisine outside Italy, and the one done in my country.

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