The Bibliophile Gamer || Alice: Madness Returns


Hello, dear fellow bloggers! Today is the start of a new features on this blog. Af feature that is focused on games and… I don’t know how longer it will keep up.

Game are expensive, require times (some missions are really long) and this particular case, will totally need to be fully explored. Or how are you gonna talk about it?

Anyway, I always find the concept of game fascinating. I don’t know why many readers (but non players too) feel a huge need to express their look down on games. Many people still think that games are just “pushing some buttons on a joystick”. And that’s not how it is.Read More »


Blogoween ||Local supernaturals that demand a book

Local SupernaturalsRA


Last day as a host for the Blogoween session but I’m happy to go with a really interesting prompt. To be honest, this is one is my favorite, because I enjoy sharing stories or general ghostly/occult information. Even if not strictly bookish related.

A little reminder of today theme and explanations:

Local Supernatural that Demands a Book || Share your local stories of ghosts, supernatural and what happens round your area. Either where you live, or nearby; can also share your own personal scary experience. These are the stories which you think, deserve their own novel – could add a blurb to the story. Can share as many stories as you wish as long they’re: horror/supernatural/scary/ghostly etc.

P.S: sharing thos also relax me a lot. For reasons.  😂

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Blogoween ||Bookish Monster Bender



Hello, dear bookworms! Second day in which I host Blogoween on my blog! *throws Halloween things in the air*

I noticed that yesterday someone took part to the Gory Magical Sweet prompt (I still need to pass by their blog) and I’m curious to see if someone is gonna go for this one too.

Anyway… here’s the long explanation of the theme:

Bookish Monster Bender || You’re transported in various books but a bad surprise awaits you. Everything is horror and death, because a monster version has taken over the story. Prompt objective is to do a monster bender version of book characters. You can choose who you want and imagine a dark horror version of their novel (you can add or not your ideas about the horror – re-written blurb or “how things went wrong”) and themselves. But the main thing to do is create a monster out of bookish characters. I suggest you look up on the internet a bit of the videogame Bloodborne for monster aesthetic inspiration. Oh, and don’t hesitate to add yourself to the scenery, survival weapons included. Or die.Read More »

Blogoween || Gory Magical Sweet


Hello, my dear book blogger! Halloween still have to come but Blogoween is already here!

Today is the first day in which I took my hosting Blogoween duties, meaning that from one and the next two days, you can take inspiration with the prompts I created for these days.

So, let the Blogoween magic take over more used and unoriginal phrase ever.  And let me get wobbly and fragile while describing this, because in reality I’m a softy. So, if you’re a bit sensible, please skip this post.Read More »

Blogoween is coming! || Or the book blogger version of Halloween


Hello, dear bookworms! How are you all? Today is great news time!  (Btw, I know I should try a better into, but I’m not that good at those) .

Anyway, today is Blogoween presentation day ❤ If you have been around some other blogs, there’s the chance that I got a glimpse of it or read the title of related post. Now it’s my turn to spread the great news, plus some important information for the upcoming events.Read More »

From Bookshop to Readers || September 2018


Readers, I’m finally back with this feature on the blog! I think that I skipped it for two months or maybe three. But here it’s again.

To be fair, this is going to be another “it’s the sequel month” because I spotted a lot of second books or sequels in general. So, forgive me if I’ve not that much to say about many of this new novels, because I never read the first book 😂Read More »

Book Review || Mosquitoland by David Arnold


Today is review day, dear bookworms! I hope you are all okay and in the right mood to hear me bein a bit critical about this book.

Some of the people I know really liked it, but… well, I will let my review talk for it. I’m probably going to read the other book by the author hoped that he worked out some of the issue I noticed in Mosquitoland.

TW: ableism, sexaul assault, fatphobia, anti-NativeRead More »