Hello, readers and writers! I’m Camilla from Italy.

I was born during a storm and my love for thunders and destructions can confirm that.

I’m a cat lover – not that dogs are bad – with a passion for coffee, tea and chocolate. Food is really important for me, since I’m also a sushi lover, a workshipper of potato and eggplants, ice cream and a vast list of junk food. But I can healty too! Is just that I can’t say to sweet and cakes.

I study at a fashion academy but my real passion are words, ink and pages. Books are always being something extremly important in my life, as much as writing.

As I like to say I’m a fierce reader and a dedicate writer. I’m currently working on the first novel of my fantasy series and later on I will fight for my novel. I want to be published but my country is not a place for books.

Few other random information about me! I love the color black but I can’t say no to pastels and all the other shades of the rainbow . Generally I’m an introvert but I suffer of social skills’ bursts. I’m ace.

All my opinions will be brutally sincere, so beware if you’re not ready for a salty and bitter girl.