About me


Hello, readers and writers!  I’m Camilla, the marvelous mind behind The Reader in the Attic.

I’m currently writing from Italy but I’m hoping that I will soon manage to live in another country. I’ve been a book blogger in the Italian community for some years, but after a period of dissatisfaction and some major contrast  between me and the community, I switched to the international side.

The first period was harsh and didn’t understand much,  because I had still so many bias to work on and I’m currently still learning. A new world opened to me, a more conscious one (I guess I can call it like this?),  and was also a place were I could find more people like me.

I go with she/her and I’m your proud and sometimes very loud ace person.  I can be pretty outspoken about some issue and usually not very nice. But you will learn to love me, I know.

When I’m not blogging or reading, I’m probably researching for my WIP or slowly leaving my mortal body because of academy projects, works and exams.


You can always find me on various social, but I mainly active on Instagram and Twitter. Do not forget to check the socials link ins the sidebar.


DM are always open and you can contact whenever you want. You can reach at readerattic@gmail.com