Oof, it’s June ||Where are the first six months?

Wait… is that a Camilla? Yes, you know that blogger that every month promises a great start, she keeps it up for two weeks or so then disappear into thin air. Next month, she repeats it.

Yes, I’m the one. As usual, I suck at intro and after up and downs I’m not here with some random promises, but just to narrate a bit about my month and learnt a bit of yours too.

Only one thing slightly concerns me and it’s about this year. Again, where did it go? I felt like I was stuck and not only for the lockdown. I wasted a lot of times and pushed back a lot of creative stuff I could have work on. Same story for reading! Always, I try to work on not being bothered by it, but it’s always pretty hard.

There’s not much to say, but let’s move on with it. For me, it’s the only way I can finally feel ready to write down all my other post ideas. I’ve an important discussion I intend to write about, probably to be released by the end of the month, so I better move myself.

Time to be ready for… very few reads and a lot of plants! Also… I’ve been experimenting with the new WordPress editor in this post. Probably you won’t spot any big diffrence but I will have my fan.

P.s. I changed the general graphic! I discovered the illustration I was using integrated elements (a particular hat in one specific case) that touched other cultures and practicies. As none of them were general witch attires which are part my culture, and so I’ve no place to use them for decorative reasons, I took them down and created a new header.


Can I sa nothing? Can I say it and go away in silence? Last month I read four books, which would have been more acceptable of me… reading just two books? Anyway…

So… yeah, that’s it. And no reads of the month blew me away. Okay, to be fair, Wild Beauty wasn’t that bad but I felt like I was missing a lot of the characters personalities. I need to think a lot more about this book before writing down a review because there’s a good bunch of stuff to write about.

Not the same thing I could say for Luminous. The first novel, Lucid, was pretty good but this second, and final, novel really didn’t hit as it should have. That’s all. Maybe in June I’ll manage more? Hopefully. There are so many books waiting on my shelves… like too many.


As usual, Maywasn’t the best of my months in blogging terms. I didn’t write too much down and didn’t schedule in time, but here’s what you can find of new on my blog and you may have end up not seeing:

  • the review of Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova
  • the review of Luminous by Kristy Fairlamb
  • an interview to the author Amy Trueblood, in which she talked about both of ther books, Nothing But Sky and Across a Broken Shore.

And what about the other blog? Oh, there’s a lot to share. I, sadly, didn’t manage to comment on everyone one, but this shouldn’t hold me back from sharing them and let you see what you could have missed during May


How to say that… nothing to report? Yep, aboslutely nothing. I stayed at home, ignored my thesis, barely got out or saw my friends, didn’t exit off my reading slump…

Okay, to be fair there are few positive things! On the bookish server I’m on (on Discord) I started to play Mass Effect. The people in the server joined me to direct the story as they pick the choices and I shoot.
To say that all the people joined us would be too much, as we’re around four people including me and I’m currently keeping the story on with one frequent girl. But still! I’ve a lot of fun and I’m fairly sure when it’s time to reach game two there will be more folks who will join.

On other sides, I kept on collecting plants. Not so many, as sadly my marigold didn’t survive a shock. I don’t remember if I wrote it in the last recap, but one morning I found it broken, like something heavy stepped on it and crushed it.

Same story for my poor plectranthus with bordeaux leaves. Despite watering it the same way of the other one… was it like it didn’t absorbed water? End of the story, I killed it with too much water.
And in terms of over-caring my plants, I’m a bit fearful for my pohots too, as it’s having some… water, drainig issue? Let’s see how it goes.


But now, let me show some little revonovations I’m very proud of. At first, the goald was to purchase little floating vases to point on roof’s beams, only to sadly discover I can’t find anything small enough to be safe from me moving around and not smashing it to the ground.
Instead, I got: new succulents, a new vase and a new platform!

And for this plant showing you get an occasion to check a bit of my room too. The filter I used helps a lot into making it look much more pretty, trust me, but I’m quite happy on how I’ve organizing it all.


9 thoughts on “Oof, it’s June ||Where are the first six months?

  1. This year has truly felt so strange … time ceased to have all meaning and it’s already June 😱 I hope you’ll find some better books to enjoy in the future, it’s always sad when a book is lacking something! I’m happy to hear that you played some great video games though! 🥰
    Also, Thank you so much for featuring my post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for including my post here! Also, I hope you’ll have a better reading month this June oofff plus your plants look great! I especially love that crochet contraption (????) idk what it’s called HAHAHAH but it looks great for hanging plants. I never had a green thumb so seeing people’s plants thrive is astonishing. Happy reading to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you! Tbh I’ve no idea what’s the name too? In italian, we just call them floating vases. I don’t think we have any specific name for it, as it was never a big thing in Italy (in shopping term) until these recent years.

      Maybe one day you will manage to get your own thriving plants? I never had plants before, so I just respect the rule: check on them and don’t overwater 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, Camilla. First off, thanks for the mention 🙂
    And secondly, You’ve got such a lovely place here! I’m so glad that I am here because lately I’ve been struggling bloggers who still post regularly (I’ve been blogging from 2014, so I’m mostly following the old book blogging community and as I am now realising, most of them have stopped posting altogether.) Anyway, so it’s really great to be here and to be friends with you!
    Looking forward to reading your posts and exchanging recommendations! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omh, hi and welcome! Oh, well, sadly it happens that some bloggers stop being around and it’s not great… but there are always some new readers around! I hope you will find more of them!

      Your post was very interesting. Not sure I’ll manage exactly what you wrote, but it was nice to learn about other people’s methods


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