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Hello, dear bookish folks! Gott admit, I was almost bailing out my schedule again. I had hit a moment in which my brain told me “You’re tired of this”, but all I really needed was starting to write down all the needed posts.

A thing that I’m done right now. So, anyway, my brain not collaboration with me or the contrary, today ia review day!

Kristy, aka the author, was so kind to me and offered me an e-Arc of her work. In the past I had the chance to interview her and review the first novel of the series, and I didn’t throw away this occasion.
But (yeah, sorry for the but) this time my read with this novel didn’t work out as better as with the first book. I didn’t 100% feel comfortable at tagging the author, so Kristy will have to excuse me if I didn’t this time.

I prefer to tag authors only with full stars reviews, like the etiquette suggest, but whatever I feel like the right thing to do, Kristy was always anything but nice so let’s go with the review!

P.s. You can find Kristy interview and the first book review here and here!



Title: Luminous
Author: Kristy Fairlamb
Series: Lucid #2
Publisher: Wool Street Press
Rating: ★★★

It was meant to be a good decision.
Lucy Piper used her dreams to irreversibly change the life of someone she loved. It was a heartbreaking choice, but the right one. Now she’s alone, wading through a life she can no longer remember.

What if you made the wrong choice?
As Lucy bears the full weight of her decision, she discovers her actions have had far-reaching consequences beyond anything she could’ve imagined. When she’s faced with a betrayal that makes her question everything she thought to be true, she becomes even more determined to make everything right.

How do you know when you’ve gone too far?
Afraid of an uncertain future, Lucy must work to repair everything she’s destroyed. But there’s something else she must mend, the infinite chasm between her and the one person who always made everything right – Tyler. But what if it’s too late? And what if fixing things only does more damage? 


The first thing I want to say here is how the review will be a bit short. And that’s a very important point of it, even it doesn’t seem like it.

And why? Well, it kinda speaks about my relationship with the novel… because where the first book gave me a lot be satisfied about, Luminous didn’t work out the same.

When I heard about this sequel I was genuinely curious, as I felt that the first novel had a quite satisfactory ending. On the other side, it left a lot open and in need of, if not resolution, healing for the protagonist. I’m a huge fun of bittersweet or more raw endings, so it was sitting quite well with me.

And… I’m not sure that Luminous did justice to Lucid. For one side, surely it will be loved by happy ending fans, but while it was all very nice, I can’t stop thinking about Lucy’s growth and how it would have been more challenging and interesting seeing her confronting what happened and… move on with her life but maybe with different people?

I can’t say more on that, because it would dangerously touch the spoiler territory. But! A lot of what happens in the novel, didn’t end up catching my attention and it’s definitely related to what I wrote right above.
Honestly, the fascination with the whole romantic plot was lost to me. I’ve never been a big fan of written romance, so this isn’t out of the norm. I was interested into other stuff and plots that got pushed to the end or in second line.

So now, everyone who actively follows me know by now how I’m very very rarely intrigued by romance. As I said, Luminous wasn’t the exception. I can’t say it was bad, but it wasn’t for me. Probably a romance lover would gush about it for a lot of time.

Another problem I had was how, at a certain point, the narration shifted from “girl with powers and heartache” to “criminal minds featuring a girl with powers and supportive friend”. I was totally on board on that but it got lost for quite a good number of pages until it was time for the book to end.
That was a let-down.

I must say that, at a certain point, I started to found Lucy’s feelings with Tyler no longer part of grief, but almost an obsession. She did some unhealthy choices for herself, but that wasn’t part of the problem but the path she was walking to learn better. But all the rest? Tyler there, Tyler on the other side… even if a great thing that made Lucy fall for Tyler wasn’t exclusive their personal secret, not anymore.

Lucy finally opens to her friends, while also closing them out some important event and information. She never relies on them for the most important things and when it’s needed. It’s strange and a bit weird. True, sometimes the people we know more… scare us more? Opening up may seems like the “perfect” occasion to disappoint them. But, if people can’t accept some parts of you, are they even friends to start with? Still, losing someone you care about, even if not in most perfect and sunny way, hurts.

I can understand Lucy making some steps back, but with other people she never makes some forward. She just ends up back where she was at the start. Definitely a happy place for her, but with such rushed and climatic ending… something didn’t work out.

In the end, Luminous was a nice read but I think something was missed that, instead, was quite well present in Lucid.



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  1. I just have found you blog and have fallen in love with it! lovely review, i also looked up the first book on goodreads so i would know a little bit of what you were talking about. have a great day 🙂

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