Book Review || Trinity of Bones by Caitlin Seal


Hello, bookish folks! How are you doing? I would love to tell you something about how am I doing, but I’m just behind all of my exam and I’m not trying to freak out.
In the last days I started to balance a bit more my productivity related to the academy but in the next day’s I’ll try to do my best and conclude one of my exams project as soon as possible.

Anyway, today it’s book review day and I’m here with a lave review for an eARC. I was incredibly happy when I was approved, but I didn’t read the novel in time. Despite this, I still managed to catch up later on, and that’s why I’m finally here.



Title: Trinity of Bones
Author: Caitlin Seal
Series: The Necromancer’s Song
Publisher: Charlesbridge Teen
Pages: 384
Rating: ★★★★★

Naya Garth, recently resurrected, is returning to Talmir–to the homeland that betrayed her. She is no longer their spy and weapon. She will testify against her former ambassador and spymaster, Valn, the man who had her murdered. Sucked into complicated politics at the Congress of Powers, Naya must forge new alliances in order to survive–as a wraith, one of the undead, she is a reviled creature. But her true mission is to uncover secret necromancy journals that might achieve the impossible: resurrect her love, Corten, for a second time.

Corten is stuck in the fringe fighting against shadows and monsters pulling him toward true death. There he learns that something is brewing in the world of the living, in the distant land of Endra–a dangerous ritual that will seal shut the doors of death and create chaos. Will Naya and Corten be able to reunite long enough to find out who seeks immortality? In a sea of diplomats, is it even possible to uncover the truth without plunging the world into war?


When I first started to read Trinity of Bones, I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was going to read. I liked the first novel, Twice Dead, enough to request immediately the second book when I saw it up on Netgalley!
Result? A very good choice.

Trinity of Bones is definitely improved in respect to the first novel!

One good point for starting: Naya! Naya is our main protagonist, in case this is the first time you approach the series. Anyway, I really liked her. There’s a clear distinction between the Naya in Twice Dead and Trinity Of Bones.
In the first novel she was manipulated, used, she was uncertain of her action and involved easily in things behind her control. In the second book Naya still have to depends on other, since she works under someone else command, but she also takes thing in her own hands but with more responsibility then before.
Yes, she commits some mistakes but… who is perfect? Sure, I wasn’t asking for it.

Still talking about the story and the character, one nice thing about Naya is the plot is how it’s not romance obsessed. Because there’s a difference between a fantasy with romantic relationship and a romance story set in a fantasy world.
And a lot of the premise seemed to promise another stereotypical story with an MC obsessed on rescuing the love interest, forgetting the rest of the plot. And… this novel was actually the contrary!

That’s an improvement of this second novel. A lot of things get expanded and the whole ending of the novel surely promise more things to uncover and what I hope it will be a third book. Same thing for the world. So many new aspects!

Other good point was: all the stabbing! Okay, there wasn’t a massacre, but there were intrigues, twists, mysteries both of political powers and of magic. In fact, the necromancy magic gets expanded, all thanks to Corten’s plot lines. It gets much more obscure, not incredibly twisted but it allows to present new characters I hope I’ll learn more about.

So… to conclude, I’m not sure I can say I disliked something? I really can’t point at anything, so definitely this is one of my favourite January read.
Another plus not to conclude: the book as a secondary f/f relationship and queer people aren’t oppressed. To be fair, in book one, Lucia (one of the women involved in the relationship) talks briefly about prejudice she had to face but there’s no heavy queerphobia in the world.
To be clearer and don’t give anyone fake impressions, the relationship is very secondary and duo to the plot of the second book it appears only at the start. I really hope the author would consider featuring Lucia and her partner in the next novel (if the novel will arrive). We all need queerer and cooler old necromancer woman.



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