Time to fight for the Pond! || #Pondathon is here


Hello, dear bookish folks! Today post is a surprise! In fact, I was supposed to post something related to writing, but yesterday night I had a moment of inspiration and decided to join the Pondathon.

I’ve seen my bookish friends joining it and at a certain point, after having read the story and see all the work behind it, I said to myself: why, why not?!
And here I’m, at my first ever serious readathon. In fact, sad or fun detail, I already joined a readathon in the past but I didn’t manage to catch on it. This time I’ll try to make it different.



The Pondathon is a co-operative and story-driven readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon is to read books and collect points to protect the friends over at The Quiet Pond from the encroaching malevolent forces that threaten our friends in the forest.

Pondathon: The Quiet Pond's story-driven readathon. Image: Two swords with vines wrapped around it frame the words 'Pondathon', with three little forest sprites sitting on top. One forest sprite has a leaf on its head, the middle has twigs for horns, and the right has a mushroom on its head.

Now, time for some Pondathon infos! The readathon:


One of the coolest thing featured in this readathon is the possibility to create our own character! All the resources can be found in the apposite post, but now it’s time to present you all to… CLIO!

character card template

Who is Clio? Clio is a fiery black cat, prone to reading magic spells, as much as raising up her sword and shielding her friends behind her back. Prone to burst of anger, she’s not the cat you want as an enemy. She hits. Strong.


As I already wrote, we can all join a team! I thought a lot about which one, and I was tempted to join other teams, but I soon realized how they were all asking things I couldn’t do… so TEAM VARIAN HERE I COMES!

team varian full

I’m always been a huge fanof shields, in all my videogames. I was either a defender with healing bonuses, or a sniper with stealth features, and in my mind I always had some amazing warrior action with a shield. Also, defense is very important in times of battle!
Also, my books really move from genre to genre so I’m sure I can keep  a certain quantity of diverse genre and with consistency.


 My tbr for now is very very little, because while I’ve books of different genres, many are fantasy. But! During this year I’ll also read a good deal of non fiction books, that I can always throw in the middle of my genre choice to help team Varian genre variety. Also, I’m in a book ban rule to purchase one or two books only every three books read. It means that I’ll also regulate my buying for team Varian purpose, so I don’t know where this will lead me with my reads. I’m starting writing down the five books I’ll go for the Pondathon start.

Given to Sea, first of a duet, will go directly for the fantasy genres. I was very very impressed my McGinnis’ The Female of The Species, so I hope this one will be liked as much as the contemporary read.

Right after there are Opposite of Always for the contemporary genre (with a touch of time travel? I really need to look up the blurb again) and then an eArc waiting for me, Sensational. This one will be an historical novel but with paranormal powers and mystery features, since there’s a killer to catch!

For ending, I choose Spinning Starlight, a sci-fi retelling, and the re-read of The Vagrant, a unique book that mix dystopia, sci-fi and fantasy





12 thoughts on “Time to fight for the Pond! || #Pondathon is here

  1. Ahh happy to see you joining this readathon! Clio is so cute! ❤ And I love that you have Opposite of Always on your TBR, I really enjoyed this book, I can't wait to hear what you think of it 🙂 happy reading! 🙂

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