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Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well, watching this post in your most relaxed mood as you drink your favorite beverage.
The decision to create and post this special, arrived fast and fastly was operated.  My major inspiration goes to Molly @Bi Bookish Babe, who contacted me some time ago to be part of amazing mater list of over 100 queer bloggers! So I thought to make something similar for Italian bloggers

In the future there will be some surprises, hopefully, so this is not the last time you see of them. Before getting into this list, I want to thanks the bloggers that helped me find and reach out to other people, contributing to list:

Actually…. wait! Last but not the least important is  Karis! She contacted during the early phase of the project with an amazing and kind proposition: she will deliver some ARCs to the bloggers when she will visit Italy again!


Disclaimer: main blog or social is linked directly in the blogger handle


Ilaria @What Ila Reads 

I’m Ilaria, I’m 23 and I’m from Italy. I have a degree in Media & Communication, major in Journalism. I’ve been a book lover my whole life, in fact I was an avid reader as a kid and still am to this day. I love talking about books I’ve loved and giving book recommendations. I mainly read YA contemporary novels and romance novels, but I’m open to give other genres a try. I opened my bookblog in January and I’ve been loving it ever since. I post book reviews, TBRs and other book themed blog posts with a couple of lifestyle ones every now and then. I also have a bookstagram account where I share my favourite bookish pictures and more life stuff on insta stories.

You can find Ilaria at: Instagram  | Twitter |Goodreads

Roberta @Offbeat Ya

Hi! My name is Roberta, and I’ve been blogging since October 2012. I’m a book, music and TV series lover, plus a radio personality for a local station. Christopher Pike and his book “Remember Me” are to blame if I’ve become a YA lit addict. I have a book blog called Offbeat YA, where I – of course – mainly review and spread the word about YA releases, but also NA/adult books on occasion. Offbeat YA was born from my desire to spotlight books that mostly fly under the radar and/or are quirky and not exactly fitting the mainstream mold (hence my blog’s name). Because of that, several of them are self-pub or indie books – but you’d be surprised about the number of traditionally published books that reap less than they sow, so I’m forever trying to right that wrong. I review Afterlife, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Multiverse, Thriller, Contemporary (basically anything except Fantasy and Romance), and of course a whole section of my blog is devoted to Mr. Christopher Pike!

You can find Roberta at: Twitter Goodreads

Christine @Arcana.Imperii

Behind this account there is your average 20 something reader, who grew up watching and reading about magical girls, heroes who believe in justice and antiheroes that made her question her allegiance :blush: I opened this account three years ago, when I started reading in English, because I needed a platform to discuss the characters and the plots and basically this whole new world that was reading in another language. I’m a great fantasy reader, 90% of my posts is me raving about my love for Kaz Brekker, Lila Bard, Darrow and Lada Dracul, but my second love is historical fiction. Give me a story set in a particular time and place in history and I’ll love it (except the XX century. I do not like reading about the world wars. Too modern :wink:). The one thing that you can always find on my page? Complete honesty. I don’t care if the book I’m reading is popular, or problematic, or a debut. I’ll give my sincere opinion to my followers, especially if it’s a negative one.

You can find Christine at: TwitterGoodreads

Silvia @Silvia Read Books

Silvia is a science student by day and a book blogger by both day and night. She’s an Italian living in Germany and her superpower is saying she’s going to read and then staying on twitter for two more hours. She consists of 70% tea and 30% cat videos

You can find Silvia at: Twitter | Goodreads

Angela @Books of a shy girl

Hello, everyone! I’m Angela, an 18-year-old Chinese girl born and raised in South Italy. I’m the blogger behind ‘Books of a Shy Girl’ where I review mostly YA and diverse books. I decided to create my blog when I was in my second year of high school because I wanted to share my love for reading which, combined with my passion for languages, turned into my beloved little space of freedom. And if you want someone with whom to talk about books, feel free to send me a DM.§I am also a k-pop and Asian dramas fan and I love mythology. This September I’m starting uni and I’ll study Chinese and Japanese, but English will always be my most favorite language. I’m both nervous and excited to start a new journey, so wish me good luck!

You can find Angela at: Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

Erika @ Tigerlily.Books

Hello Lovelies! I’m Erika, I’m a 20 and I’m an architecture student with a passion for reading. You can find me on instagram, twitter and goodreads! I mainly post on my ‘bookstagram’ where I’m called tigerlily.books and I take colorful and creative pictures of books (obviously) and bookish merch. I have been there for almost 2 years now and so happy I made the decision to open the account because I made so many friends. I even met some of them in real life! I mostly talk about YA and Fantasy even if I like to change sometimes. Some of my all time favourite authors are V.E. Schwab, Jay Kristoff, Leigh Bardugo and many others.

You can find Erika at: Goodreads | Twitter

Acqua @Acquadimore Books

Acqua is a book blogger who reviews science fiction, fantasy and the occasional contemporary in the adult and young adult age ranges. She is known for having a lot of opinions about worldbuilding, short fiction and trees.

You can find Acqua at: Goodreads | Twitter

 Maria Elena @ M. Karys

Hi! I am Maria Elena. I am 26, and I live in Naples. Besides Bookstagram, my biggest passion is writing—I’ve been writing ever since I was a little girl, but the work I am most proud of is the one I wrote with my sister, Chiara (@_ckarys, also a Bookstagrammer.) Our author name is C.M. Karys and we have been a writing duo for ten years. Very soon our first novel, Ilahara: The Last Myrassar!l, is finally going to be published! I have been on Bookstagram for over two years. During that time, I have made many friends in the community—some I even got to meet! I like calling my followers “Dreamers” because of my undying love for Sarah J. Maas and my favorite book by her, A Court of Mist and Fury. I mainly post about YA Fantasy, sometimes peppered with sci-fi, because that is my go-to reading and writing genre.

You can find Maria Elena at: Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

Chiara @ C. Karys

Hello! I am Chiara, a 25 year old girl residing in Naples but constantly traveling to new worlds with her imagination. My greatest passions are reading and writing, both of which are ruled by an unwavering love of fantasy. For the past decade I have been in a writing duo with my sister, Maria (@_mkarys) and after much hard work we will soon be publishing our first fantasy novel, ILAHARA: THE LAST MYRASSAR under the pen name C.M. Karys. I have been bookstagramming since 2016, and thanks to the amazing community of baby dragons that follows me, I’ve been able to share cozy content that I love while also speaking of my favorite books (mostly fantasy, especially penned by Sarah J Maas and Jay Kristoff or my favorite trilogy, Captive Prince by CS Pacat) and my writing. My followers have taken to calling me Dragon Mama because I have a huge dragon obsession! In fact, if you visit my profile, you’ll see that each picture features either one of my dragons or a dragon related element.

You can find Chiara at: Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

Chiara  @Kiki Escapes Reality

Hello there! I’m Chiara – but you can call me Kiki as well – and I’m your typical overachieving Ravenclaw. I’m an INTJ and an enneagram type 4w5, if you care about personality tests as much as I do. I’m currently studying Modern Languages and Literature (English and French) at uni and I’m still debating if that was the best or worse decision of my life (I’m kidding, I love it, but it was really tough to adjust at first). Mostly, I’ve always read what you would cast under the fantasy genre, but I will read almost anything if it catches my eye or comes recommended by someone I trust. I love books, I love the history of them, I love the way they can be a magic key to a whole new universe you can visit and experience just reading through pages.
That’s what’s important to me in a story. At times it’s an escape. Other times you read about a character, a situation, a relationship, and suddenly you understand things about yourself that you didn’t know how to shape before. That’s the reason I started my bookstagram account, to share with others books that mean a lot to me and connect with people, to discuss different points of view and discover new favourites. I’m also learnig a lot from fellow bloggers and booklovers, and I think that this comunnity helped me becoming a more critical reader and better focus on aspect I wouldn’t quite consider before. I’ve alwasy been a visual person so taking picutres of books to share my thoughts about them seemed like a cool idea I could get behind.It’s working out so far and I’m hoping I will sitll have the time and passion for it for quite a while!

You can find Chiara at: Goodreads

Francesca @Psiedoll

I am Francesca from @psiedoll! I am a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences, but my love for reading and photography got me to start my bookstagram 2 years ago. Books have always been my way to escape reality, and for this reason, Fantasy is my genre of choice. Harry Potter ignited this love when I was 8, but as I grew up, I started to appreciate classics and other genres. I love Laini Tailor just as much as I love Murakami. So yea, I try to devour everything. Except horrors, because I am a chicken. I also have a mild form of dysnomia, but one year ago I decided to give it a try at the booktube game. I am still awkward and I suck at it, but it helped my condition somehow. Just to synthesize everything: I am your science awkward bookish girl!

You can find Francesca at: You Tube | Blog | Goodreads

Beatrice @Lily’s Bookmark

Hi readers! My name is Beatrice, or as I like to call myself in the blogosphere – Lily. Almost 5 years ago I decided to start my own blog, Lily’s Bookmark as I felt the urge to share my love for books and thoughts about what I was reading with other book lovers. So many things have change since then: I graduated from Uni and moved from Italy to Berlin and then to London, where I currently live with my cat and an overflowing bookcase… My favourite genres are Fantasy and Historical fiction, preferably with strong female characters, but  you can easily find me reading books that fall outside my comfort zone.  As you may notice when browsing my website or instagram account, I mainly read books in english. I do enjoy reading novels written in Italian (I even studied italian literature at Uni!), but I feel that there’s nothing better than to read books in their original language… and apparently most of the topics and type of stories I’d like to read about happen to be written by english authors.

You can find Beatrice at: Blog 


Now you’ve reached the end of the list! I hope you had fun discovering all these bloggers, bookstagram, youtubers and so on!

They all works very hard in their accounts, so don’t forget to check their social and in case to follow them .
Also, remember that the italian blogging community is pretty problematic, but that’s not a good reason to don’t trust any of the creatores listed above.

Go and support your (possibily?) new favorite italian blogger!

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5 thoughts on “Of bloggers || Get to know the Italian bloggers!

  1. OMG I LOVE Maria Elena and Chiara!! I send them lots of books. Mostly Kristoff and Pacat books… I am also fortunate enough to be one of their beta readers!! 💕
    This is such a lovely post!!


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