Know the blogger: 25 questions with Camilla


Hey folks! I’m so excited to present you all this post… I never done before! Or at least I think I never did. I may have answered some questions thanks to tags, but it happened years ago and in this case I asked for other people collaboration.

I’ve seen on Tumblr those huge question lists or ask away. The moment “I will do it too!” arrived shortly after. At first I wanted to got for 30 questions but I wanted for bloggers and followers to collaborate more, so I had to reduce the number to 25. It’s not bad at all as a number and other people were so collaborative with the iniziative.

Questions  were collected from fellow bloggers or around the internet. A special thanks the the blogger that participated, so says YAY for Jamsu @Jamsudreams, Sam @Fictionally Sam, Haley @The Caffeinated Reader, Ruby @Ruby’s Books, Sophia @Bookwyrming Thoughts, Lana @BiblioMedico, Meeghan @Meeghan Reads



1 – Who are you?  Camilla, the polemic Italian blogger behind the Reader in the Attic. Also, a bitchy Capricorn INTP

2- Are you queer or “diverse” in any other way? Well, I’m asexual and aromantic, trying to figure out what kind of gender I prefer for a queerplatonic relationship. Aesthetic and platonic attraction works for me and at the current moment I’m very conflicted between adding: bi or pan. When I rediscovered my attraction to girls (thank you, heteromativity) I thought about going for lesbian or sapphic at least, but I took my time and realized I do give attention to other genders too, even if more feminine presenting people seems to attract me more.
I’m epileptic, sometimes I struggle with anxiety induced by social situation and pressure (highly school/test related), plus depression. I also took a test to check a neurodivergence in me, but the thing is still going on



3- What made you want to go into fashion design and what is your favourite aspect of the process of making a garment? I always liked to draw terrible fashion doddles, until one day, while I was searching through Rome’s university degree, I found a fashion themed one. Only when I got into the academy, I started to feel more involved. So, I definitely love the idea that I’m creating some kind of dream or an outfit that make people look and feel cool. Dressing well if something that drags me out of my mind’s darkest parts. Tbh, I hate sewing because my actual part/job is creating the idea.

fashion show no GIF


4- In a perfect world, what would you like to be doing? Oh, nothing. Just sit down my ass, read, blog and write. I’m a simple person.

5- Favourite song of the moment? Oh, super fixated with Can’t Hold Me Down. I listened to it from the new Borderlands trailers and it was my end

6- If you could be on Eurovision, what song would you do? And how you would style the performance? Okay, it would either be some kind of very sentimental song in which I sing like I want to lose my lung. Or something vaguely inspired by LP or Florence + The Machine. My outfit would be a mix of a modern witch, with a bunch of absurd jewels and holographic touches

7 – Favourite Italian dish? I’m not sure I do have a specific recipe, but I do a big love for the calda calda, or the cecina, that consist in a flat dough made out of chickpeas flour. I could eat tons of that. Olive ascolane are super good too, along with the cassata and many others.

8- If you could live in any part of the world, no matter the money cost, where would you live? First, since we clearly would live in an ideal world, I would commission an incredibly house that can travel pretty much everywhere, so I can move where I want and don’t stop too much in a single place. Because, not sorry, but the world is too big to miss something.

9- Jump, dive or dip. How would you like to into things? It depends a lot on the situation. Many people tell me that I took my time and sometimes I’m hesitant, but when I get an idea in my head, like restyling something, I’ll do that in a matter of few days. Tbh, I noticed people to be far more hesitant than me, so I don’t understand when this view of me

10 – Favourite colour? I do love all the shades you can find the world, but I usually go around black, red, blue, green, many pastel tones and yellow

11 – Favourite game to play this year? I didn’t purchase anything in particular but I played a lot with the Sims4

mood react GIF by The Sims


12 – What would be your ideal pet, and what would you name it?  I want a baby hydra. Okay, just kidding because that would be terrible to manage. I Will stick to cats. I would love to get a sphynx cat and probably give them some ridiculous name from a book.

13 – What’s the happiest you’ve ever been? This is hard, because I feel like my memory of happy moments has been slowly eaten up by depression. But I cherish three things. One is when I was approved for my first e-ARC ever. It was a big deal for me. I do remember to feel happy when I finished what I thought was going to be WIP I’s final version. It clearly wasn’t, but it teaches me that I could totally write. Third is when me and my best friend came out to each other.

14 – Do you believe in miracles? I do believe that other forms of life are probably out there, that ghost exist and so do a lot of other things, as much as paranormal dimension… if we can call them like that. Something we don’t see often or don’t want to understand. I do believe that there’s probably something behind death and some force that gives life to the universe, so I can say I can believe in miracles (depending on the case) but I don’t bond them to anything religious. I think it’s more the universe’s force making something incredible, that we usually translated under religion and a lot of other stuff to give it more rules than what is necessary. Or just to name it.

15 – What talent do you wish you had? Being able to sing. I don’t want to go on a stage and sing in front of anyone, but I wish I had a decent voice or a natural inclination towards it so I could sing without headphones and don’t want to rip my ears off

pitch perfect singing GIF


16 – Are you a forgiving person? Do you like being that way? See, there’s a difference between online me and in real life me. Online I can easily cut off other people or confront the, while in real life everything is more difficult for me. Reason why I tend to forgive other people, even if I don’t actually say it. They consider themselves to be forgiven despite me still being bitter. Yeah, pretty difficult to resume, but all I’ll say: privilege.

17 – Something that you would be surprised to hear about you from someone? Probably that they’re in love with me. I always found fascinating the concept of… how the fuck does you fall in love with someone? The aromantic in me is strong, folks. But I would be very surprised to know that because I never saw myself as love material.

18 – A terrible thing you did as a child? I bite another child on the head when I was in kindergarten. This mini dude kept putting the plastic pan in the fake oven. I got super pissed off because that was definitely wrong in my mind. I told him like… three or four time, then I bite him. Yep. I did it.



19 – Favourite ships? People… I don’t ship. Ship is waste of time. *runs and hide* Also I do have strong opinion how certain ships tend to promote unhealthy relationship and there are tons of them in every fandom. But I know people hate to know that ships can actually have impact in real life. On the other side… why fighting against something decided by the author? Sorry, that’s how it ends. I’ve nothing to see on nice innocuous ships, but yeah, ships culture isn’t for me

20 – Favourite post to write? Uhm, either silly ones like… this one you’re reading right. Or absurd list in which I goofy around trying to ease my mind. Or discussion post because my polemic should can’t be held down. *insert Can’t Hold Me Down by GRiZ*

21 – What is your dream book to read?  A fantasy or a very peculiar genre fusion, something like in the Vagrant style, but with an aro-ace protagonist that wants to make the world better. And actually, does it.

22- How did you start your book blogging journey and why? Despite this blog being like… three years or something? I’ve been blogging much longer. It all started in the Italian community that I dropped after I couldn’t stand their problematic behaviours. Also, I was one of the few diverse bloggers there, but let’s not dwell on it. Anyway, I simply went for it. I started to follow some book bloggers and I asked myself: why can’t I be like them? Then I just did it.



23 – Would you rather have no ankles or no wrists? Wow, I doubt so much that human body could work without any of those… but maybe ankles? I don’t know. I don’t write with my foot, so I’ll stick to ankles. *worst decision ever made; I feel it inside my soul*

 24 –If you had to choose between having three noses or three ears which would you pick? Ew to the three noses. Three ears, because maybe that third one ca be hidden or something

 25 – Would you rather ride a horse who never stop farting or an invisible rhino and get weird looks? Let’s get the rhino. I would wear sunglasses, which always give me protection factor, but I could also stare back at people with my demon-gaze. Yep, multiple folks told me my stare is unsettling.


But wait! Surprise! I actually did another thing during August 1st! Reason why… I’m proud to announce to you all that I finally opened my Ko-fi! So, if you want to support me, my work, blog and contenent, please consider to buy me a coffee

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7 thoughts on “Know the blogger: 25 questions with Camilla

  1. I loved the really well thought out questions and that this was an opportunity to know more things about you, bahaha a pet hydra, though I mean a cat is close enough to a hydra. And I just want to say thank you for answering my ridiculous questions, I loved those answers lolol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG your answers are amazing!!
    Firstly, in terms of a house that moves, there’s a Middle Grade book (that was super cute) called The House With Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson, and the book has a lot of influences from Russian mythology, primarily Baba Yaga and her house (that has chicken legs). Anyway, these houses run all over the world and the whole story is amazing, and this is what I am picturing you traveling around in!!
    Also, YES TO THE SIMS!! I love it so much!! Do you play through Origin?? Maybe I’ll DM you my user and we can be friends. (If you want!)
    I am also here for the baby hydra, cat (we are looking at getting a sphynx!!) and being able to sing well!!
    Thank you for sharing all of this with us!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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