Book Review || Lucid by Kristy Fairlamb


Happy Tuesday, bookish folks!
Again, I’m sorry for been absent for so long. Neither blog hopping around your blogs. It’s almost sure that I was passing by a burning out period on every terms because this 2019 has been shitty to me so far.

Anyway, seems like I may manage to turn back active? At least I’m trying. So, today, I decided to turn active again with a review.

On the intro’s notes, it’s worth to make you notice that the authors, Kristy Fairlamb, has been interviewed on this same blog too. You can find the interview right here. Also, Kristy ‘s debut on my blog opened the path for a new feature on the blog, aka The Authors’ Corner.

But now, let’s move to the review! And do not forget that the book will be out the 23rd of April. Also, you can find the novel in the Read Now section on Netgalley!

TW: death, grief, loss of beloved ones



Title: Lucid
Series: Lucid #1
Author: Kristy Fairlamb
Publisher: Lakewater Press
Rating: ★★★★

A terrifying power. A horrifying curse.

Lucy Piper lives a lonely existence on the precipice between life and death. She possesses the horrifying ability to resurrect real-life tragic events in her nightmares, reliving over and over, as if she were there, the last few moments before the victim takes their final breath. Car accidents, drownings, plane crashes – Lucy has seen it all. No one understands what it’s like living death by night and fearing sleep by day.

When Tyler Sims and his family move to town to escape past traumas, Lucy is drawn to him. The two of them are linked through their dreams, and with Tyler’s trust and friendship, hope for a brighter future returns to Lucy’s world. But Tyler’s presence awakens something else in Lucy, and with this new knowledge, she will be forced to make impossible decisions. Decisions that will change history, and the future.


Lucid is the first I read in a special circumstance for me: I had actual contact with the author. So, even if Kristy wasn’t anything else but sweet, it feels pretty strange? For reasons but not bad ones. It’s always a tiny more difficult to review a work from someone you actually talked to. That’s because I’m a softy and I understand the work behind a book.
So, yes, I just want to be transparent on that, letting you know that I talked to the author but this won’t change my opinion. Not that is a bad one anyway, as I hope you can get from my rating. But I’ve my notes to write down.

One fact to state is that if you dive into the novel, searching for some kind of horror, with ghosts and other stuffs like that… there will be none.

I admit that was a tiny let down, because it would have been very interesting, but the focus is oriented towards Lucy and her relationship with people.
And you know that romance themes in books aren’t my forte, so I cannot say much about Lucy and Tyler, but there’s something else I want to talk about.

There’s a lot in Lucy’s life and how people treat her that reminded me of in real life people. Lucy suffer for the things she dream but confessing her truth to friends and family didn’t help her. People didn’t believe her or their behaviour were definitely… shitty.

Like in her dad’s case that tried to expose her to awful news despite knowing how she felt about that. Or her friends. They knew how not helping her was clearly not good for Lucy, but they decided that she was just not “normal”, I guess. It felt like re-living the sensation of telling to people something very important and being dismissed. Sad fact that your life doesn’t change a bit, but they can ignore what concerns you.

Same reason why, at first I wasn’t sure about Lucy and Tyler relationship. I knew where it was going, but I can also understand with the protagonist felt better with him, talking freely. Sometimes there are people who are just like this and you can actually be free with them.

Now, my major issue is that the book took off with a very good premise and started to slowed down once Lucy and Tyler’s paths met. I get a lot of knowing each other, experience together, starting to trust one another, exploring both teen’s life but also… I wanted something more?

Another note is about Lucy’s power. They’re never fully explained, and I can live with that, but I felt that the whole concept could slowly disappear in the back. While I get that this may be a symbol of Lucy’s relationship with something she grow up with, her dreams also evolved during the novel reaching to incredible life changing occasion. Not sure the potential of that was fully written down?

So, first thing first, is that I was semi surprised when I learned that there will be a sequel. I mean, I will totally read. Yet, after finishing Lucid I was like: okay, this ending is right. The point is that I really don’t know how a second book will work out. Will it ruin the story… or maybe not?

Because, I’ve to say, that while the start of Lucid made me attentive, part of the central execution started to make me watch the thing from afar, a little detached, and the ending really changed a lot.
It was bitter, not very sweet, cruel in a certain sense but also the good choice someone should have made. And Lucy did it, even if that took her time.

On that, I’ve just positive things to say because it wasn’t a classic young adult ending. For reasons, maybe someone would expect a sweet solution, that everything will be fine, but not in this case.

When Lucid started to reach its end, I admit I cried a bit. I told you I’m a softy. As a debut, the novel gave some pleasant vibes and some questions. Despite the doubts, I’m deeply curious to know how the author will handle what will follow and it would be very interesting to see Lucy going on solo, instead of falling inside a trope. But again, any eventual trope in this book was quite well handled. 

Now I can only wait for some new reveal.




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