The Bloggers in the Attic || April’s event and theme


Hello dear readers! Welcome back the intro of the new April’s event organized by The bloggers in the attic. 

If you’re wondering what this is about, I want to inform you all that such initiative already took off during February. You can find the first introduction post right here. Last time I think I can affirm that we all have a blast, or at least enough fun. The topic of required read ignited a lot of interesting discourse.

Now, time for a little recap….

mini divisorio

The Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain. Me and other bloggers (number may change) unite together, select a topic and during the arc of a month, we all discuss it.

The discussion turns go bi-monthly, meaning that next round will be in June.

We have a Discord server where all details are set and decided, so if you wish to join, keep this into consideration. If you’re still into it, just ask for joining in the comments. Do not forget to link or cite the username you use in a social. This way I will be able to reach out to you and send an invite with a direct messages.

divisorio due

For this month I’ll not start the discussion chain. I decided to skip the theme, because I felt that my post wouldn’t add more or less to the issue. The theme of choice for April’s chain is:

Rating system, a discussion. Is it still important, what do we think about it, how does it work for us, what can be improved?

And what about the bloggers? Here’s the list of the participants and the day their posts will be published:

3rd – Clo @Book Dragons

5th – The Librarian @The Unseen Library

8th – Lauren @Northen Plunder

12th – Isabelle @Bookwyrm Bites

15th – Ben @Books With Ben

18th – Nora @Papertea and Flowers

20th – Kerys @The Everlastin Library

22nd – Anthony @Keep Reading Forward

25th – Kal @Reader Voracious

27th – Susan @Novel Lives

29th  – Rain @Bookdragonism

You can follow the discussion on Twitter with the general hastag #DiscussionAttic and the specific month one of #DAApril.

Links will be updated following the publication of the discussion post. I hope you will follow the bloggers of this round!


25 thoughts on “The Bloggers in the Attic || April’s event and theme

  1. aaaah thanks for organising this again *vanishes promptly to finish writing her post for tomorrow* phahahaha organised I am not rn, my minds a bit all over the place and I’ve rewritten my post for this twice already Cami *wails* mostly because no one needs to read my word vomit of thoughts xD I can’t wait to see everyones posts on this topic though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Cam! I just kicked off my blog again after a (way too long) hiatus and would love to join in on this if you’ll have me! I absolutely adore the idea. My handle is now @becandbooks everywhere (formally becandbones).


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