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Hello dear bookish folks!

I know that during the last month I popped in an out, screaming how I was turning active, but I didn’t realized how I was still burning out from stress, exams and other stuff. Also, technology is against me, because thanks to a very nice storm, my dear connection left me. Reasons why the post is a little behind the supposed schedule.

But… yes, there’s a but, because nothing is better than starting it with a thing that I was waiting to announce since time: during this year I’ll host some authors’ interivews!

Today is the day when everything start and….


Give your warm welcome to Krity Fairlamb, author of Lucid!

Kristy was assigned to me and other bloggers thanks to the help of  Vicky @Vicky Who Reads ‘  iniziative. Since the start it was a positive and nice experience, so I’m very happy that Kristy got the chance to be the first author to debut in this feature.

Lucid, Kristy’s debut, was also a very interesting reading experience! I’ll talk about it next month in a review. For details about the book, do not forget to check the blurb at the end of the interview.

But for now, it’s time to dedicate the post to Kristy’s words!


Hello, Kristy! Time to start our interview. I think that people always want to ask writers and authors many things. So, this time let’s start with a “classic”: can you tell a bit about your story with writing? What made you start, what inspired you?

Hi Camilla, thanks for having me on your blog.
So, for me writing kind of came on suddenly. I had always wanted to write a book, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I’d left my paid work to just be a mum to my 3 kids that I really asked myself what I wanted from my life. And that’s when I opened my laptop and started writing a novel.
Some of the inspiration came from conversations with my almost teenage daughter about our dreams and initially the book began as something I was just writing for her. But as I added words to the page it began to evolve into something much more than I anticipated and I began to want more from it.


As a writer, when it comes to crafting a story, what ignites your spark? Do you prefer to work on the characters, or maybe it’s the world and the theme you want to write about? What is the thing that sets everything in motion?

With this story it began as a question – what if your dreams were more than just dreams? And what would it be like to live with almost daily nightmares that no one else could really understand? From that surfaced my character and the rest of it snowballed


Since I’m always curious to know, was your choice to write young adult casual or part of a plan? What I mean is that: did you feel that writing a young adult book was your thing, or did it develop after a first work or during the creation of it?

Good question. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Because I started out writing for my daughter, who was about 12 when I started, I originally planned on something for a younger middle grade audience. But it was somewhere in the planning stage when I realised that age wouldn’t work for the story. But I love reading young adult novels, so this really is a good fit for me.


Is there any theme, representation, or issue that you wish to write in the future, in terms of characters and stories? If so, is it possible to know why?

I have an interesting story idea about human cloning that I’d love to explore. I haven’t given myself the chance to develop more than a very loose plot idea, because I’m too busy with the Lucid series to let my brain wander somewhere else.


I feel like young writers would like to know how it is becoming an author. I mean, did you feel any substantial difference when things got “official”? What was more difficult, more beneficial, and what did you appreciate more?

I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to publish my book with Lakewater Press. Not only because it means getting my story out to readers, but I have learnt so much from the process. Like most writers out there, I doubted my ability. So, to have someone say they liked my work enough to back me felt pretty amazing.

The editing process has been the most difficult AND the most beneficial part. I have learnt so much since having a professional editor work with me on Lucid. I’ve loved it, but the process was also more difficult than I ever imagined.

The thing I’ve appreciated the most has been having the team of support around me. Writing is such a solitary endeavour, and to finally have a team of people cheering me on and helping me make my book the best it can be, has been wonderful.


I think it’s time to move towards your novel and tell the readers a bit about it. What’s your relationship with Lucid? What does it mean for you and how you and your work “grow” during the writing?

Lucid is a story about sixteen-year-old Lucy, who lives with the horrifying ability to resurrect real life tragedies in her nightmares. No one really understands what she lives with and she shoulders the burden alone. Until Tyler moves to town.
Lucid is a story about a girl who’s faced with impossible decisions, and it’s a story about death, but above all, love.

I’ve had a few close brushes with death in my life; a car accident that could’ve been way more serious if I’d been one metre further along the road, and an evening walk on a near deserted bridge when a car crashed into the railing inches from me and would’ve pushed me onto the train tracks below if it ploughed into me. Each of these moments left me imagining all sorts of things as I asked myself ‘what if…’
When I sat down to plan out my novel, it was these questions, coupled with my fascination with dreams, that spiralled together, and one thing led to another until eventually Lucid was born.

I have certainly grown through the writing process and so has my story. It’s not quite like the original plan I had, but that’s a good thing. What came out in the end is so much better than I had planned. But that didn’t happen accidently, it happened over four years of pulling it apart, getting feedback, trying new ideas and lots of gruelling hours editing each and every sentence.


Does Lucid have any reference to something in your real life or an event? Is there some autobiographical touch in it? You don’t have to say what exactly, but it would be nice to know how much of you and the people around you ended up in your work.

When my husband and I were younger we lived in the New South Wales snow fields. I loved the little town at the bottom of the mountains that we lived in for two seasons. Antil Springs is a made-up town, but it’s set in the same part of Australia and based on what I remember of our time there.

We used to snowboard when we weren’t working. I remember one day while we were out on the snow, watching a group of teenagers laughing and mucking about as if they knew the place well. They looked more like locals than tourists. And how cool, to get to go out snowboarding with your mates on the weekend. I thought about those kids in the years to come, I always wanted to write about them.


What made you choose Lucy’s power? The choice can be morbid for some, interesting for others and so on. Did you do any study on it or you decided to create your own rules? And why dreams?

I’m not sure I really chose it. It’s how the story came to me, so I went with it. And dreams are fascinating, I just really wanted to play with that concept. I did research Lucid dreaming, but the kind of Lucid dreaming Lucy experiences is nothing like anyone would have experienced, at least I’m pretty sure they haven’t! So yeah, I had to create my own rules, but that’s the fun of writing fiction.


I don’t want to make a spoiler, so I’ll try to be as vague as possible but Lucid’s.. wasn’t what maybe some would expect. Okay, I admit one part of me saw that possibly and I think it’s the best choice. Is it possible to know what made you chose it?

The ending was one of the first parts of the plot I had worked out, or at least to some degree, it changed slightly from my original vision. I think it’s the ending that had to happen, I don’t think it would have worked any other way. And I love when books don’t end quite how you might expect, and there is that saying, ‘write what you want to read’, so I did.


I went to snoop on your site and on Goodreads and the sequel of Lucid is going to be out next year. Maybe it’s too early to ask, but can you talk a bit about it, give some hints? And to add: what should the reader expect from Lucid and its sequel?

 In Lucid, Lucy makes some big choices. But with choices come consequences, and there’s a whole lot of those in the sequel, Luminous. We see Lucy coming to terms with the small, and the life altering, impact her decisions have had on her and the people around her.
I can’t wait to share it with you!

LucidTitle: Lucid
Series: Lucid #1
Author: Kristy Fairlamb
Publisher: Lakewater Press
Expected publication: April 23rd 2019

A terrifying power. A horrifying curse.

Lucy Piper lives a lonely existence on the precipice between life and death. She possesses the horrifying ability to resurrect real-life tragic events in her nightmares, reliving over and over, as if she were there, the last few moments before the victim takes their final breath. Car accidents, drownings, plane crashes – Lucy has seen it all. No one understands what it’s like living death by night and fearing sleep by day.

When Tyler Sims and his family move to town to escape past traumas, Lucy is drawn to him. The two of them are linked through their dreams, and with Tyler’s trust and friendship, hope for a brighter future returns to Lucy’s world. But Tyler’s presence awakens something else in Lucy, and with this new knowledge, she will be forced to make impossible decisions. Decisions that will change history, and the future.

Chilling, haunting and compelling, this novel is the first in a two-part series for fans of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and The Hidden Memory of Objects that will leave you breathless for days.

It’s possibile to find the book at:

Goodreads – Amazon



Kristy Fairlamb Kristy Fairlamb is an Australian author of the Young Adult Lucid series coming out in 2019.
She spends her days drinking coffee and torturing her characters with loads of tension – both love related and the nail biting kind.
Long before her days of writing began she spent half her childhood in a make believe world; daydreaming about growing up, falling in love, and travelling the world.
She’s worked as a nanny in country England, a junior matron in a boy’s boarding school south of London, a governess in East Timor, and made coffees and cleared tables in the New South Wales snow fields.
She lives with her husband, teenage daughter, and two sons in the beautiful Adelaide Hills where they’re lucky enough to get occasional visits from the local koalas.
She’s terrible at gardening, likes her bookshelves sorted by colour, and recently checked off a lifelong dream of jumping from a plane.
When she’s not writing or daydreaming about her stories you’ll find her reading, cooking for her family, or doing anything to avoid the housework.

You can find her at:

Main Site – Goodreads – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook



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