Of Readers || Bookish preparations for winter


Hello, bookish folks! While I’m probably working at some academy project, this post will be up.

The last year I published a similar post but something happened. All the images were gone and the format was messed up. I decided it’s the perfect occasion to do a second edition of the post, with some nice addition.

Also, I feel like the blog really needed some kind of more free and cute post. Plus the Book Ending Winter is near and so nice post are coming, breaking all the future polemic post I was planning to write (but don’t worry. I’ll be back in January with those, or the end of the month).


For the winter, a winter that include snow, cold, wind, rain and such, some readers around the world enter a phase in which the weather is cherished or hated. In a way or another, the readers need to survive.

With special need and special equipment, readers must endure what I humbly define as: the perfect reading conditions.

And what a reader need to endure this terrible but also joyful period?


First and all, let’s be practical. Inside or outside, a scarf is always there to help. A bookish scarf with dragon scales, a knitted one with pastel colors, cute tassels… everything is welcomed.

Also, those are perfect objects for hiding our readers feeling in public. With the excuse of the cold we can say: oh, well that’s why my eyes are spilling tears. 

But also, never forget about the giggles, the smiles, our concerned expression because we pretend the character is something at our order and not a person themself, so we’re disappointed when they don’t obey us. I need to stop being bitter about this topic



Oh, yes… let’s not forget about having a nice coat or whatever you prefer for going out. But, more important than everything else: FLUFFY BLANKETS. Or fluffy pajamas. It’s common knowledge that bookworms wants to live inside a cocoon of blankets. Or as some fellow blogger would say: burrito themselves.

Blankets can also be really stylish. The world is full of blankets with peculiar prints and little decoration. Many blankets can be used as capes, moving around the house with the fascinating aura of Count Dracula. So, fluffy blankets are equal to be classy in the house.


Equally important is the food. Food, the reason why world exist. It’s not sex or love. It’s food. TRUST ME I KNOW THINGS.

I was saying… food! Sweet, savoury, a mix of both, everyone has their favorites and those are all equally sacred. Another not so irrelevant question is: where do we eat? And we do readers should eat? While reading? Before reading as in a ritual? After the read, munching and reflection on the pages? Or maybe during little breaks?

And the liquids? Yes, I’m talking about water (is there any bookworm that drink water while reading?). Or juice, coffee, tea, cappuccino and many other risky beverages that are loved, despite their high number or books’ lives assassinations attempts.



Despite the risk, readers perseveres, because we all know the big secret combo: hot beverage and books are the perfect warmer weapon against the winter.

Also, it’s common knowledge that the power of the combo is high because of the portable factor. Portable factor is unique. We can carry our beverage and books with us. Society as whole offered the reader big bags or whatever we may have at disposition, to carry around both things.

The world offers bar, nice coffee shops where readers can even sit. If stuck into an office or something like that, there’s still a possibility for a nice cup of something and a book. useful nice object can help readers, including some good thermos and mug warmers.

Less practical is having food with you, but doesn’t sound like a reader paradise to swim between blankets and cookies? Okay, maybe it’s not the best choice ever because imagine all those crumbs around… a mess, my friends. A mess.

chocolate cookie GIF



Readers also need to put on the right atmosphere. Can you imagine having a room with just come blankets? Unless you’re allergic to something, or there are other reasons why you can’t use candles… well, why not using those?

Out the room there might a storm, or might be snowing. Either way, the candle will let the readers drift inside another world. Too bad that those can’t be taken around. Or integrated inside the book. Imagine it, when you open the pages and a delicious smell comes at you.

Or portable fireplace. That would be cool too. Alimented by readers passion, so it would be also really nature friendly. But now the discussion is taking the fantasy road.

cold yule log GIF



In colder times, readers also need a support. Digital, vocal, physical… grab your animals and hug them while you read. They will probably hate you and left you after a bit, but it can always be the right time to enjoy their fluffy presence for a bit. Or scale presence. Bookworms never judge other readers pets.

Point it, that we should never take for granted the powerful help of a nice blogger chat. Imagine a place where you and your blogger friend can rant to each other or just talk. Well, it actually exist and your welcoming to join us on Discord (just let me know in the comment and, don’t know, somewhere I can DM with an invite). Anyway, the mere presence of other bloggers should make our days bright. Like an explosion that doesn’t kill. It just make you feel warmer.

Oh, and I was forgetting about a really important thing: BAGS! I know that many women bookworms call for pockets in their outfit… but one side of me can’t relate much and also because there ‘s no space for books into pockets. Unless you want to bring those around, carrying them in your hands which we all know are far away from being a safe place.

So yes, little bags or big bags, for digital or physical books, those are perfect. Can also contains useful reading kits and every nice bookmark in the world, along with the perfect connection method.






26 thoughts on “Of Readers || Bookish preparations for winter

  1. It is true, food is the sole reason why the world continues to exist. It’s a proven fact. A huge comfy comforter/quilt is what I get to prep for winter–that coupled with a good book and rain or snow noises and I’ll be in heaven. ❤


  2. It doesn’t get very cold in Texas, and it rarely snows, but I look forward to the winter months! Hoodies, blankets, snuggles, fires, and hot chocolate! There are so many wonderful things about the season. I also love all of the holiday lights, and how the world is momentarily magical. My kids love taking walks at night too see everyone’s decorations.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is like my entire aesthetic! Books, food, blankets, warm and fuzzy pyjamas, a fireplace… what could be better than that during the winter? Cookies – you’ve got me craving cookies now 😂
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha, you cracked me up 😀
    I’m sitting here, wearing my blankie like an emperor cape, nodding along with the post.

    Love that doggie gif. My boss has a dog like that and she brought it in the office the other day. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhhh very festive post! Love it! So, during this season, it gets really windy (we don’t have winter in the Philippines), my lips always tend to get chapped, so lip balm is a must. My skin gets dry as well, so lotion is in. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. These cookies, damn, I’m so hungry right now hahaha. ❤
    I’m not a winter person at all, I’m all for staying in with my books and blankets and warm cups of tea to keep me warm until spring comes back again haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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