Of books || Ten back listed book I want to read


Hello, dear bookworms! This month I decide to sign up to at least two prompts from the Top Ten Tuesday. Today theme is about backslisted books, which is absolutely perfect. I’ve tons of backlisted book I never read. And with that I think I can include books from the year 2015 to 2000. Right?

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To be honest I’m not sure what can qualify as a backlisted book. Especially in my case. I’m not into classic or many of the past adult book, so mostly of my choice fall on young adults and fantasy, the majority quite easy to find.Anyway, in this case I’m gonna chose just from the year 2015 and behind.




The Young Elites has been on my list since forever. I had a bad experience with Lu’s dystopian trilogy, but I may give a chance to this series. Also because: ITALY! I admit I’m not to be trusted about Italian history, but despite this I also know that many authors, despite claiming to do research, when it comes to writing outside the US…. they don’t actually do good researches. So yes, I’m curious to see if Lu did it or I’ll judge super hard.

Splintered and The Winner’s Curse are other two books that I added more because of the good reviews I read around. One day I’m going to read both, since looks like part of the young adult history. Let me just say that I’m enough patient to forget about those but also still okay to pick them up. So, I don’t feel like excluding those. Reading is always reading.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet  enter the list too, in the same category, but a little level above. I found it thanks to bookstgram and I was fascinated by the cover. Also, I’ve heard that there are actual alien protagonist? Like, please, I always wanted that. Also looks like there is romance with aliens and…. *hides her 18+ comment*

Simon is like those books that you must have read, everyone waiting for you to take the great step and turn the first page. One day I’ll. I promise. But I don’t really know when it will happen. Look… I saw the film. This like a “plus one” reasons in my list of bookish priorities.



From the authors that I love despite having read one book of few more, here comes The Archived and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Also, other news: I’ve no idea what those two are about. I got and remember a vague idea about the blurb but I’m not even sure about the whole thing. Still, I’ll totally read those two.

City of Bones and so the whole Shadowhunters series figure as number one of “series by famous authors I never touched”. To be honest, I’m not super into this. Like, I could survive some years more without reading it but also I want to give it a try, because for sure all this love cannot come out of nothing. Right? It should be worth something.

The Kiss of Deception is another of the list that… I’ve the vague idea what is about. Okay, this is the vague section. I know it’s a fantasy. I know it’s loved. I know it involves a fugitive princesses. And I know some readers loved it deeply, while others found this series quite… not brilliant. But bokstagram keeps throwing this one at me, so one day I’m going to read it.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is one of those praised book but a really praised author that I never touched, not even by mistake. I should be sorry, I guess. But I’m not. To be honest, I’m not really into this series. Or to better phrase it: I’ve the intention to read this one, but it’s not on top priority list. I’m not super into the blurb but many have full of good opinions about this novel. So yes, it remain inside the list.





13 thoughts on “Of books || Ten back listed book I want to read

  1. Oh I loved the Young Elites books, I had my issues with her Legend Series, but all her other books since I have enjoyed a lot 💕 Not sure about how accurate her portrayal of Italian inspired elements are though 😮 I really need to read the Chaos Walking Trilogy as well, I’ve had the first book on my shelf for over a year now!

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