Blogoween ||Halloween In A Fictional World


Hello again, bookworms! This will be my last post for the Blogoween series, and it’s okay. I would have loved to write much more but I ended up not doing that. Also I’m behind my whole shcedule, in blog, in life and other stuffs.

Also, this will be the last post of the month and we will see again in the wrap up. By the way, if you’re reading the intro, there will be not important revelas. I’m gonna discuss the issue in the next post, so for now let’s have some fun 🙂


Today prompt is hoste by the magnificent Clo of Book Dragons! The title is Halloween In A Fictional World and is really simple:

Pick any fictional world that you’d love to experience halloween in!

I’m gonna be honest and say that I had some problem with it. As much as i liked it, I was trying to figure out of it could have worked in some fictional land, and the worldbuilding kept clashing with it. I can’t help my mind.



NevernightOne of the first country that came to my mind id Itreya from Nevernight. I remember the ball described by the author and I cannot help to see a beautiful, glamouros and decadent, with dark mask and sparkles of jewels.

To be honest, the image is vague and foggy but I think it would be some kind of noble Halloween, courteous and with dances, with dark spectacles and games to enterntaint the guests.

I feel like there would a boat procession, something with lanterns and entire choirs singing creepy lullabies, while moving slowly across a gondola. I don’t feel like there would a real trick or treat, but people distributing two or three types of sweet, curated in every details.

My plan will be to sit in a corner and survive the night so maybe the Red Church people might not kill me. Seems like the most resonable way to survive the night. Or moving all around the city



Three Dark Crowns

I don’t think that the island under the matriarchal society would have something unconventional as Halloween, meaning that their festivity will probably resemble a lot our own.

But I think it would a little more “natural”. I mean, their mask would resemble mythological ghosts, dead queens, something related to their power. Trick or treat would me much more common, but every queen city would party in a diffrent way.

At Katehrine’s court there would be a big banquet, while Mirabella’s one would feature a procession and a set of prayers. Maybe at Arsinoe it would be much more fun, with people dancing and singing and playing music.

If I was there, I’m sure I will go to every city, running all acrosse the island during the night.




I’m pretty sure it would be more deadly than something else. The faeries will kidnap some humans and torture them. But also, if you read the other novel by Holly Black, this is kinda what happened.

So… no big surpise here. I just imagine everything being more violent and crazy than the usual.

And maybe have some themed food? Really, this is not a place where I would go, not even in company. Maybe I would get the chance to seal them off so humanity is not in mortal danger?

Like, I couldn’t not even eat their food. It’s unfair and someone should do something about it. Like…







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