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Last day as a host for the Blogoween session but I’m happy to go with a really interesting prompt. To be honest, this is one is my favorite, because I enjoy sharing stories or general ghostly/occult information. Even if not strictly bookish related.

A little reminder of today theme and explanations:

Local Supernatural that Demands a Book || Share your local stories of ghosts, supernatural and what happens round your area. Either where you live, or nearby; can also share your own personal scary experience. These are the stories which you think, deserve their own novel – could add a blurb to the story. Can share as many stories as you wish as long they’re: horror/supernatural/scary/ghostly etc.

P.S: sharing thos also relax me a lot. For reasons.  😂


Rome is the city that will take over this ghost stories, along with it supernatural legends. Sadly, it’s also a strange city, meaning that the supernatural tends to remain hidden from people’s eyes.

Or always regard really ancient ghost, nothing exactly modern. Is like the spirit od Death is kinda… dead delete herself for the joke. Also, all this ghosts are more stories figures than actual well seen and well know ghosts. Just ask around to the citizien and they will tell you how they never saw anyone of the following spirits. I know, it’s sad.




Ancient Rome expose is little number of ghosts.  Messalina is the only female member of the trio, ghost of a young twelve girl who was for forced by the Emperor Caligola (just because he was an ass) to marry to over forty cousin of her mother. This didn’t stop to go on with her life, getting be known because of her great number of lovers.

Her own husband was the one to put end to her life with an assassin, stating that if her death was going to be mourn by her lovers, half of Rome would have cried. Another ass in her life. After 200 years, the legend says that Messalina’s ghost walk around the Colosseum zone at night, searching for a lover or another adventure that will set her spirit free.


Next in line we have two famous figures: Nero and Julius Caesar. While of the first is not much of a story, showing sometimes near the Muro Troto or the Porta del Popolo, Caesar has a more interesting story. Looks like the ghost started to walk around Rome only when, during an accident, his dusty remains slipped out of the urns and fell free on the streets. I heard different version, some stating to see the ghost in the place where he was killed, at Largo Argentina, other that he walks around Saint Peter plaza on the day he was killed.




Donna Olimpia of the Pamphili family was once of the most powerful woman in Rome, to the point of becoming one of the most hated noble by Rome’s people, and the major consultant of the Pope. While her death had nothing spectacular, dying of  plague two years after leaving Rome, people says that is still possible to see her ghost. Kind of.

 Few hours before the death of the pope, aware that as a widow and without the pope help she was going to lose everything, she took all her gold and fled Rome on her carriage. At night, you can see he black carriage, with her in it, as it cross Ponte Sisto, rushing so fast that people tell that will really pass over your body.


Costanza Conti de Cupis is another noblewoman and maybe one of the most interesting ghosts, because of her particular behaviour. Kinda normal on certain ways, but totally creepy in others. Her house had a particular view on Piazza Navona, but that’s not why she’s so well know. Costanza’s beauty was admired during her time and her hand were known all across the city. Even artist asked for the occasion to see her hands and work on their own arts using Costanza’s as inspiration and drawing base.

A mold of her hands was made by an artist and that’s were the legend turns dark. This part is not so clear, but one day, a traveler (a priest in other version) declared, after seeing the mold, that the owner of the hands was soon going to lose them. Costanza was shocked by the declaration and ordered to destroy the mold. She closed herself in the house, living in terror to be injured in an accident.

But her fate was signed when a little wound was produced by a needle. Soon a devastating infection spread to her hands and arms, forcing the doctors to amputate. But it wasn’t enough to save Costanza, that died anyway. During the night, when the moon shine upon the window, they say that the form of Costanza’s hands forming on the glass can be seen from the Piazza.


Beatrice Cenci is the last noblewoman of the series, that died as a martyr to become a young hero of the people as a sign of revolt against the noblr and the powerful corruption. Beatrice’s life is signed by the brutality of her father, that not only was an evil man in general, but abused of his wife and children, including the rape of Beatrice. But he was always pardoned and release thanks to other noblemen. Nothing was enough, not even Beatrice constantly denouncing his father to the authorities. When the father discovered of Beatrice’s rebellion, he exiled her outside the city.

This didn’t stop her and her family to plot revenge. As soon as her father visited her home, the family, with the help of other two men (one was rumored to be Beatrice’s lover) killed the him. unfortunately, the truth came out after several investigation. The family was arrested and tortured and condemned to death.

Despite the revolt and protest of Rome’s people, the family was brutally treated and killed in an extremely gruesome way, with the exception of one of the boys, that was forced to watch and then incarcerated again.

Many other ugly thing happened to Beatrice’s remains, and her ghosts has been seen at Castel Sant’Aneglo, walking with her decapitated head in her hands, the night of her execution’s vigil.

Another ghost is rumored to walks in the same zone as Beatrice,  and it’s Mastro Titta, the executioner of Rome, with 516 execution on himself. The story says that he walks at the dawn, wrapped in his crimson cape, maybe offering tobacco as he did in the past to the condemned.







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  1. Yes yes, I so agree ! I am in for any ghost stories and/or legends !! Such a nice prompt xx Mine will follow tomorrow :3 im quite excited to see what you guys will think of them !

    The hands and the carriage ones are probably my favorites of thoses you shared

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