Blogoween ||Bookish Monster Bender



Hello, dear bookworms! Second day in which I host Blogoween on my blog! *throws Halloween things in the air*

I noticed that yesterday someone took part to the Gory Magical Sweet prompt (I still need to pass by their blog) and I’m curious to see if someone is gonna go for this one too.

Anyway… here’s the long explanation of the theme:

Bookish Monster Bender || You’re transported in various books but a bad surprise awaits you. Everything is horror and death, because a monster version has taken over the story. Prompt objective is to do a monster bender version of book characters. You can choose who you want and imagine a dark horror version of their novel (you can add or not your ideas about the horror – re-written blurb or “how things went wrong”) and themselves. But the main thing to do is create a monster out of bookish characters. I suggest you look up on the internet a bit of the videogame Bloodborne for monster aesthetic inspiration. Oh, and don’t hesitate to add yourself to the scenery, survival weapons included. Or die.

This time I decided to skip the blurb section because 1) I’m definitely not a good blurb writer 2) I really enjoy the narration method. And no, I decided that I’m not gonna add myself. I enjoy my life. I don’t want to be transported in a deadly world.😂 Well, not unless I’m with a super strong team.

Another disclaimer: this post may contain spoiler if you haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles and The Raven Cycle




For the occasion I went into the gallery of memories why I sound super old and took one of the first young adult series I ever read and… I could not help myself.

What if the Lunar gift was not simply a mind controlling power but something more? What if it was too much strong and infused itself inside the people the Lunar tried to control, but also inside their machines? What if it turned into a virus, that spread into technology and then to bones and meat?

As soon as the Lunar powers make contact to the technology, that coexist with humans on a closer intimate level – aka cyborgs – a bug is born, or a glitch, that developed into a wall against it supposed attack. But things got even worse when the technology, trying to defend itself against the Lunar, acknowledge the fact that the body it’s linked, controlled and so kinda absorbed by the supposed Lunar virus?

At this point both the body both the Lunar power, become bonded to the technology, as something that is a necessary part for living but also something to dispel as soon as possible for surviving. In the end, the machine goal is to solve the problem.

That’s when it start to attack the host body, killing from the inside, releasing acids and substances that corrode and decompose, so near death but enough to kill, so the machine can keep on living with a soon to be going body, ready to behave erratically and aggressive, like a good necro-cyborg  zombie, against every other human.

To this premise, big doubts are about the crew survival. So, Cinder, something rotten and made of confuses thoughts, probably got Throne ripped into shreds when she fell inside his cell while she was walking aimlessly. People inside the castle thought it was a good idea to bring cyborgs in and control what was happening to them. Not even Kai had long life, getting refuge inside its own rooms. A room that for sure wasn’t made of organic material.

Not even Cress had a long life when her signal was catched by the necro-technology on Earth, something working as a sole big murderous mind. Not even her hacker skills could save her.  For the other, the situation is almost unknown. Iko got lost almost immediately, Scarlet went into hiding, maybe a lone survivor, while Wolf roamed around her and the devastated village, uncertain on when the alteration to his body where going to change him too.

And Luna? Oh, well, no one know. The planet communication are dead silent.




When the physic of Henrietta decide to help Maura in the search of her old lover, they had no idea that such lover was not so human. Well, they know that, but didn’t expect the results of what they did when they broke the seal.

Blue was the first to change. She watched her supposed father grew distant, morphing so slowly that her chaotic family didn’t even notice.

She listened to him and at night she dreamt of a violent heart, of roots entering her mouth, suffocating her, branches entering her skin and taking place of the veins.  In the morning her mouth was full of stains, earth, musk…

And one night, when she opened her eyes, her dream abruptly stopped, she saw her father above her. But he was losing his human shell, more green and meadow and wood. What was of his human body was getting out of it, a crimson disgusting blob. She didn’t have time to scream, before what has been always inside her started to bloom, taking the last step to transform her from inside.

She was no longer Blue the human. She saw what Henrietta was, the  place where tree people had found a home and now it was time to reclaim it. Her mother was just a temporary vessel of her, her father the real parent to follow.

She left her house behind. The soil was her. She went for the Aglionby group first. She never liked those rich boys.








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