From Bookshop to Readers || September 2018


Readers, I’m finally back with this feature on the blog! I think that I skipped it for two months or maybe three. But here it’s again.

To be fair, this is going to be another “it’s the sequel month” because I spotted a lot of second books or sequels in general. So, forgive me if I’ve not that much to say about many of this new novels, because I never read the first book 😂



TwoDarkReigns-RA  NotEvenBones - RA

TWO DARK REIGNS || Or the only sequel I’m excited about but also I forgot about its existence. I’m super curious to see what will happen and it’s probably my soon future purchase. If never read the series, please, go now. (Three Dark Crowns #3)

NOT EVEN BONES || The book I was declined everywhere. I tried to put my hands on it every time and the answer was… no. So, I’ve heard it’s  morbid, macabre, with antiheroes (actually just seems a straight up villain character with the mask of the morally grey one, but anyway….) I’m curious. Also involve dark markets, kidnapping and supernatural beings (Not Even Bones #1)


AsSheAscended-RA Rule-RA

AS SHE ASCENDS || The new book of a trilogy with dragon trafficking… at least from what I remember from the first novel. I never read it but I saw that many people like it a lot. (Fallen Isles Trology #2)

RULE || What seems like an interesting story where two girls discover to be the kind illegitimate daughters and one must take the crown. Looks like, from some reviews, that is also quite brutal. I’m up to a lot but for reasons I saw that not so many people talked about this one. (Rule #1)



Pride - RA EscapingFromHoudini-RA TheDeepestRoots - Ra

PRIDE || About this book, I’m mostly curious. The theme of gentrification is something I hear to talk about a lot, at least not where I live. So… yes, I’m not exactly super into it but I’ll give it a shot when I can.

ESCAPING FROM HOUDINI || Third book (and last?) or the crime and mystery series that started with Stalking Jack the Ripper. The first book really didn’t blow my mind and I don’t get the love, but still it wasn’t so terrible, so one day I’ll get to this one too  (Stalking Jack the Ripper #3)

THE DEEPEST ROOTS || The tag says it include magic realism, plus curses and girls with magical gift. And secret and friendship. There’s not much more to say, but seems promising.

TheDemonRace-Ra WhatTheWoodsKeep-RA Wildcard-RA

THE DEMON RACE || Now, big question here: goodreads says this one is going to be released, but also say that the format is an Arc. So, or is Goodreads mistake, or we’re going to get this the 18th. I just now that talks about a girl who run away from an arranged marriage to participate the Demon Race, racing aboard of a shadow demon that want her soul. I need this book so bad.

WHAT THE WOODS KEEP || The blurb is vague. The tag indicate the presence of paranormal and sci-fi elements, and to be honest sound a bit like a particular The X-Files young adult but also with mystery and crime.

WILDCRAD || Second book of Marie Lu new series. And that’s it. Sorry, I know I should have more to say but I never picked up the first novel and I’ve read various impression, that as usual range from “this is trash” to “amazing masterpiece”. (Warcross #2)


GiveTheDarkMyLove-RA TDDOEF-RA

GIVE THE DARK MY LOVE || I saw it just by chance, you know? And yes, another grim and dark story with lost of hopes, search for hope and a cure, and why not let’s add a plague. And forbidden magic. Plus schools. I’m sold. This book can have my money (Give the Dark my Love #1)

THE DARK DESCENT OF ELIZABETH FRANKENSTEIN || The premise is so damn dark and I’d a moment in which I was deeply perplexed. I feel this book will be a lot “fucked up” and will talk of abuse. The blurb really give this feel and the title doesn’t help. I’ve no idea how it’s going to connect with Frankenstein story, aside from the fact that the protagonist come to Frankestein household and meets Victor.

TheCagedQueen-RA TheSistersoftheWinterWood Vengeful-RA

THE CAGED QUEEN || Another second book of another series I’ve never read. I’ve seen around the mention of how the world-building is interesting and the story quite strong… so, I’m putting this one in the list following my guts. And my trust for covers (Iskari #2)

THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD || Another vague blurb. It set in a forest, with the sister, shape shifter people (animal), random strange men, dark magic and secrets. I’m not exactly into this one but some of my fellow know bloggers read it and looks like it’s actually quite good.

VENGEFUL || *hides* Look, I must be, maybe, the only one that still has to read the whole ADSOM trilogy (only read the first one) and catch up with this series everyone love. I’m just late to the party. But I must say that this new cover is just amazing. And looks like the author is gonna canonize a character asexuality. A rare unicorn (Villains #2)


ForAMuseOfFire - RA

FOR A MUSE OF FIRE || Not a great fan of the author, because of some of her behaviour, but I’m interested in this one, because: rebelling, Mad King, looks like some sh*t will go down, shadow magic, soul of the dead, puppets and blood binding. (For A Muse of Fire #1)












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