The Sunshine Blogger Award || Second edition



What can I say, this is the second time in which I get nominated for this award. And people loves me. This is the proof.

Anyway, I wanted to start this month in a cheerful way and I decided to spent a little of my time on this award. To be honest, when I’m writing this, I’m not even in the best mood ever because of personal stuff. Nothing really serious, but still have a bit of effect on me.

So, I hope we can mutually cheer ourself up with this awkard and my brilliant answers, in case you need it.


As usual, here are some rules to follow:

  • thanks the person who nominated you and so a great thank you to Clo @Book Dragons
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person that nominated me
  • Nominate other 11 people and give them 11 questions
  • List the rules


If you could read any series/book again, like it was the firs time you were reading it, which series/books would you chose?

Probably I would go for the Borribile series. It’s a  old trilogy that I read when I was twelve or such, but I loved it a lot. I even wrote a special post it: The Borrible – The First series I fell in love with 

Current song on replay?

Right now, the music from Final Space show, with Shelby Mellows songs Sol Seppy’s Enter One. And since quite a lot of time  Live Free or Die by Audiomachine. I really love their Voltrunus album. Also My Way Out and Rushmore are good

Are you bilingual? If no, do you wish you were?

If with bilingual you mean two mother language, nope. But I can speak, understand and read Italian (I don’t say), English, Spanish and French. While I’m bit more trained on listening, reading and writing in English, my Spanish and French are a bit out of shape. Sometimes I’ve difficulties to return to be fluent as I was. Guess it’s normal, since I stopped speaking both language for a long time. I learned some word and meaning of Japanese thanks to anime but I’m pretty sure I would get them only in anime.

Favorite 3 post of yours you’ve done and why?

A super old post i need to update with the new graphic about why I don’t write about happy families.

And two discussion posts about unlikable characters (and mostly why I think it’s a shitty term) and about connecting and empathizing with them

How long have you been blogging and do you intend to ever quit forever?

To be honest, I don’t really remember when I started. Three years ago? Maybe more. And I was on the italian blog, years before coming here and starting again.

Personally, I don’t want to quit. I know that one day I’ll probably be “f*ck it” and wrote some messages and left this all… but not right now. Point is that my decision are quite sudden in appearance, even if something boiled under the surface for quite a time.

Yet, I don’t think that I would completely quitting it all. I would probably post less. One of the main reasons that would keep me blogging would be the other book blogger I’m currently chatting a Discors chat. Seeing them left would kill off my vibes. Like, I cannot imagine stopping chatting with them.

Thoughts on books to movie adaptations?

I don’t care much…? Really, I’m quite indifferent to adaptations. 😂

If you could be a season which season would you want to be?

You know, I’m that kind of person that at spring, like the seasons, but start to wanting summer because vacation, fun and sea. But then, at a certain point, knows that autumns must come and I’m happy. And winter too.

And why should I want to be a season while I can enjoy the season?

Aside from travelling in books, have you ever traveled? If so where, if not do you want to and where do you want to go?

Oh, yes. I traveled. Now, let me see if I remember all. I’ve been to Milan, Lucca, north of Toscany in general, Siena, Val d’Aosta, Sulmona and other around there zone in Abruzzo. Oh, and the Argentario zone. Plus Sardinia. I’ve been there too. Also I did a school trip in south Italy but I don’t remember much.

Now, outside my country I’ve been to Malta, Palma di Maiorca, Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Montecarlo, other little villages around the French Riviera. I did a trip that touched Biarritz, Bordeaux, La Rochelle… Pretty sure I stopped to other places but I was little and I’ve a vague memory.

For big cities I include Paris and London, and I got a little view of Miami before going to Key West.

Odd or even numbers?

Why should I decide… O.o

Do you DNF books?

I try to do not but I’d time in which I decided to dropped a book because it was an offensive mess and also boring as hell. With no sense. It happened that I dropped The Miserables and Metro 20135 but I’m planning to finish those in the future.

A popular ship everyone seems to ship in a series, that you just weren’t on aboard with?

Generally I don’t ship. I just watch it happen. 😂



  1. Is there some kind of event short story you heard about from in real life people who you think deserve a novel adaptation? Or take inspiration for a book
  2. Name a representation that you still have to read about in the books you’ve found on your path and you really want to see.
  3. Is there any smell that you associate with books? Something like coffee or even a flower.
  4. If somebody wrote a novel about you, how do you think it would be named?
  5. Is there some book you would also love to play as a video game, with fighting and possible multiple choices for see how the story goes?
  6. Since autumn is coming, which drinks are you going to drink the most while reading?
  7. There’s any outfits or style you read in a book that you would like to wear yourself?
  8. Is there some underrated book you really love and needs to be promoted more? And with underrated I mean books that you name and people are like “what never heard of it”
  9. Is there any particular type of little candy that you love? Something typical of your zone. In case you prefer savory food, answer with that.
  10. Do you have a background when you blog? Something like a chat, a tv series, music.
  11. Still on blogging, did you noticed a pattern that helps you work. Like some kind of “blogging ritual”

Now, it’s time for the nominations. By the way, I usually write more creative questions, but today I wasn’t at my best. Anyway…






















































































































12 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award || Second edition

  1. OH HELLO SOMEHOW I MISSED THAT I WAS TAGGED IN THIS? Hahaha thanks so much for tagging me 🙂 Also, I love your new Autumn theme? All the pumpkins and pumpkin pies and pumpkin lattes…oh gosh, now I’m salivating haha 🙂 Isn’t Fall just the best time of year?

    Thanks, Camilla, for another wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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