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Hello, dear bloggers! I usually never do those kind of features, but it’s a thing that was going through my mind since quite a time. I don’t think it will actually become a permanent feature, but something I will post sometimes when I found something interesting.

Also because I’m not exactly the best bloggers to be seen as a reference when we’re talking about advanced blogger stuff.

dumb jim carrey GIF

Me most of the time I get an actual idea for the blog. One that will take ages to get into an actual post.


Today post is about some interesting sites that can help you if you’re a lover of cliparts and font and many other amazing things that you can use for your blog. Just be aware that all those sites that I’m gonna link to you, permit to use all the designs just for personal use, meaning that you cannot profit using the design. Unless there’s a way to purchase a license.

Another note to add is that for work on some cliparts you will need photoshop or illustrator, or some valid option that will allow you to create what you want. And always remember to quote the creator.

A lot of those sites permit the download of their stuff only after having subscribed to their site. The only thing I can suggest, if you don’t love this kind of things, is to create a free mail account to use with such purpose. I did the same thing. BigHeaderSummer1RA

 Main site I use 

Let me start with Etsy. This place is not only a nice platform where to find original objects that goes from dress, to jewels, pin, bags, pencil…. but you can also find many beautiful cliparts shops.You probably know already about Etsy, since it’s not exactly an unknown internet place, but it’s still worthy to nominate it. It’s true that you will probably be in need to pay all the cliparts you want, but it has many choices.

 Freepik is a well know site that will offer quite a selection of vectors and many other things that can be useful to your blog. There’s a paid option but you can get a lot of items for free. If you’re not loggerd in you can get a limited number of download for the day. Anyway, this one of the first option I’ve seen being used by other bloggers.

Pixel Surplus is an interesting site. You can their account on Behance too. It offers special deals with backgrounds, fonts and cliparts that you need to pay, but it also has a good page full of freebies. Every week a section named roundpound will least many interesting features that will be probably free for that week. The link also send directly to the site where you can download what are you interested into.

This is one of the site I found thanks to Pixel Surplus. The price aren’t what I call cheap but Creative Market has the amazing feature of having a giant database when you can purchase really beautiful art.But also, every week, it offers six free stuffs that can go from cliparts to templates. I found many cute things that I used on the blog too!

Behance is one site that offer a lot. You can find many free fonts and also keep up with many great graphic artist. I really love it and it’s full of beautiful talents. Many of the site that I cited above will probably end up linking you to Behance

Now, Graphic Burger is an interesting site. Not everything is free, I think, but other stuff are ready to be used.  On there you can find mostly icons and some backgrounds but it’s still a useful source if you’re searching for something well made

Pixel Buddha kinda works like the previous site, but it’s also full of beautiful watercolor objects. Not everything is free, meaning that some items requite mail subscription, while others require to adhere to their paid plan, but you can still find free and cute stuff.

Webdesigner Depot is particular because it doesn’t offer only free stuff, but is a blog for graphics. You can find many useful articles if you interested. On this site there’s a decent amount of fonts and more work-style stuff, icon included. Is still quite interesting because the selection is quite big.

Few other options

Now, there are some sites I never use but I found about them recently and maybe some of you will find them useful.

First of all, if you’re searching for an app to create minor graphic elements, on the app store there Hand Drawn. When I got it, the app was free. I hope that is still like this because if offer some background, fonts, art and frames to use to create cute logo or icons.

Free pretty things for you offers a lot of pink like stuff, pastel and everything that can be seen as super nice and super girly. Not exactly my stuff, but maybe some of you will love it.

Creative Tacos  and Graphic design freebies are two other site that offer nice things, but many stuff of the latter can be found already in some of the sites I already wrote about.



Did you know those sites? Had you use some of those stuff? Which sites suits you best? Is there a site you use regularly for your blog’s graphic?

35 thoughts on “Of Bloggers || Useful place for graphics

  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing all of these, I’m not familiar at all with most of these, I will have to check them out! I mostly use Canva to do my blog graphics 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww, these are awesome!
    I love these kind of illustrations! Lookong at my blog nobody would think so cuz it’s black and white, but i like playing around with them nevertheless.
    Thanks for the awesome collection!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I knew of a few of these but I don’t actually use graphics from a site per say, I actually create my own. Sometimes I use a template so say an image I really love and then I’ll draw the basic outline to it and from there, begin to change it make it my own and then I have a graphic I can use. I also use my college’s software for this xD so Adobe Illustrator usually, loved this post tho! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      • Aha thanks, I mean it goes hand in hand with my college course plus I do love drawing and creating things 😉

        You should make it a series girl, of posts similar to this where you give out help/info/advice I’d read them for sure ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  4. First time I’ve heard of most of these, aside from Etsy! The main site I use for pictures for my blog is Unsplash! It’s got soooo many quality free images, I’m in love…

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  5. Ooh this is so so great! I wish I’d known all these when I started blogging.😂Also have you heard of dealjumbo.com? They do a TON of freebies with commercial licenses which is so helpful. And I love the weekly Creative Market freebies too! The license are definitely something to watch. But there’s so many great free options, right?!💕

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  6. I actually didn’t know about those places to get graphics, so thanks for writing this post and introducing me to them! ♥ I’m always happy to get more resources to use for my graphics, so I will have to look into the websites that you mentioned soon!

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  7. I’ve only used Freepik until now but these are really great thank youuuuu for the list!!! I definitely prefer the freebies because heh I don’t have a lot of money to spend but it’s useful to know all the options?? Also your graphics are so beautiful 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, thanks ❤ In the past I liked to use Etsy because I appreciated the idea of supporting creators, but I noticed also that some aren't so cheap. So I have a little paid archive but for the rest I use the freebies and I always try to create something new with what I've.


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