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Hello, hello bookworms! I would love to start with a cheerful introduction but I’m more on a mood of: OMG EXAMS WHY I’M SO SLOW.

Really, I’ve few things to do but everything seems to sleep away so easily! Why and why, that’s my question. Also, this is one of the reason why I decided to a Top Ten Tuesday after such a big time. I really need something more relaxed instead of focusing on heavy discussions

relax GIF

I should be this cat. Why am I not this cat?

Little introduction: this post is a bit different, meaning that I wanted to be creative the mess is coming and I decided to do a thing. I literally turned to see my bookshelves and picked up ten random books that I will proudly represent, like I’m trying to sell you a ticket for such places.

Does it sound brilliant? IT’S NOT 

P.s: By the way, I know I’m a day late XD




Tinder by Sally Gardner offer an ancient location for every history lovers who likes to being throw inside battle and gore! Do you love creepy fairy tales? Go to Tinder universe!

You will find decadent castle, murderous dames and pretty melancholic princesses that will fall in love with you just for the sake of the plot!

Are you a lover of high risk and that type of terror that makes your heart explore? Don’t worry, Death will get a passion for stalking you. All the ghosts from your past will got along, keeping you company as creepy apparition. Their smiling zombie faces will give the cold sensations you were waiting for.

This amazing vacation package also include: semi human man who you might sell your soul or get souvenirs, magical things that might steal your souls too, magical wolves that will never make clear if they want to kill you, eat you or be your friends. Handsome princes are included. 



London is your happy place and you never get enough of it? Well, The Borrible’s London offer a unique new experience made of dirt, cold, being chased by cops with the risk of mutilation and probably die of some kind of infection.

Join the Borrible, never ageing kids who might be old like your grandpa, shot with a rock because they find you suspicious or just hit you really hard. Adults are not allowed.

Don’t get caught, increase your risk of being murdered the more you get dip inside the adventure but get the chance to live a Borrible life even if just for a month: no money, steal your food, live in abandoned house and watch out from internal conflicts and oversized rats called Rumbles.

METRO 2033

Metro 2033

Fascinated by Russia? A new fantastic version of it mash-up Russian vibes and radiation apocalypse just for you. Forget the outside and go underground, hoping to not be eaten by the rats or some of the habitants.

Join a station, hoping that the new Nazi party doesn’t find. Or anyone else, honestly. Find a mask and a weapon and someone who maybe lasted some years around the stations and go on with this suggestive exploring.

You will: shot people, hate people, being disgusted, being horrified, contaminated by radiation and eat nuclear mushroom while monsters try to eat your flesh. Get Russia with an incredible survivable travel.

You will probably never made it back home.


The Vagrant

Get into a world composed of many factions! Unless you end up directly in a city or don’t find a vagrant man with a strange-looking sword with an eye, an infant and a goat as mascot, you will die. 100% sure.

But this should stop your travel? No!

Go to those dystopia lands where infernal demons go around using modified human bodies. They will taint you and the Empire of the Winged Eye (the only place that will look civilized. But it’s not) is probably going to kill you off.

Don’t forget to pass by city created by necrotic demon or get inside a typical rural village, which future is about being destroyed by monsters. Stay there and join the fight or just cry in a corner because you want to go back home.




Reach an unknown location and enter a world of tales. If you even get lucky enough to enter or instead you will be stuck an a intra-worlds forest with people who will probably in love with the idea of killing you.

Maybe it’s one of the safest location proposed so far. Just one rules: stay out of the stories. The rest? Enjoy the sun, go around, find a nice village and nice guardians.

Unless you want to basically sell your soul and get inside a story, probably getting into a circle of never-ending hellish situations.



Join the island, spend your time in the game and honestly, have fun! You don’t have to win to get out alive, so relax yourself and try out magical stuff.

Get mesmerized but… just don’t bargain too much. In Caraval everything as a price.

Do you want a fun and yet kinda safe travel? This is the second location that might not kill you off! Isn’t that great?

Bonus point is that if you’re into men, you will find a bunch of them being typical young adult male protagonists like the oldest clichés, muscled out like sculptures in a mix of brooding sailor, circus people and tattoo lovers.


Three Dark CrownsAre you done with patriarchy? Then the island of Fennbrin is there for you! But you will probably have to go inside illegally… and maybe the island’s goddess is going to drown you.

Yet, adventure is worth everything, so sail to the mainland to reach and see the three queens fighting each other for getting a crown. See three sister put on fire their past bonds and try to rebel against their bloody matriarchal system.

Get a tour of every main city of the island and discover the powers of the inhabitants. Maybe that’s the only safe activity you can do there. Just look out for poisoners ❤



NevernightThe Nevernight universe is like a roller coaster: another place for the Travel Adventure special pack. You can chase the adventure and, possibly, die.

Are you a lover of history and oppressive religions? Are you interested in bloody history, historical atrocity and assassins that likes to go around the city? Are you into travel in the desert chasing a mysterious organization that is probably going to kill you for their goddess?

Then enter the world of Nevernight! If you even chose a long type of travel you can try to join the killing organization and try by yourself a new ultimate version of survival game where Hunger Games meet Harry Potter. You will made no friends and you will be completely alone!

At the end of all, bonus point of you befriend sassy animal made of darkness 😉



A Darker Shade final for Irene

One of the safest location if you stick to Red London. No, really, stay into Red London. Or Gray London. Forget the rest.

Look the royalty parade. Touch a red Thames. Be tainted by a plague of Black London twisted magic.

Okay, maybe is not that safest place but if you’re lucky you will not play as a victim of a major plot scheme just to add tragedy to an ongoing plot.

If you spot something black, like black blood… run.



Are you like one of those people who loves going around chasing natural cataclysm? Storms are your passion? Do you want to get the chill of how much strong is mother nature? nevermind the people who die while you have fun

Roar‘s world is the perfect natural amusement park where nature does its best to destroy and kill in a magnificent and magical way.

If you’re a lady, you will get chased by creepy wannabe alpha males and if you’re into terrible romance adventure, this place is really perfect for you.

Also, it’s suggested to hide your true identity and act like a random adventurer and a bunch of storm hunter will find a way to pick you up. Food and shelter are included.





22 thoughts on “Of Books || Top Ten Tuesday – Ten books’ travel location

  1. Damn, i wanna be that cat in the hammock too! 😀
    These are some awesome books here!
    You just reminded me i kinda dropped metro 2033 half way maybe around 5 years ago… it was such an intriguing premise but at one point i just forgot about it, not even sure why. I think i was confused about what was going on 😀

    I bought Caraval the other day cuz it was 99p on Amazon. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel you, exams are approaching faster than I want and I’m so not relaxed 😅 I really like the style that you tried out here, it’s something different and worked super well! This also reminds me that I really need to continue with the Shades of Magic books 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Late reply here I’m XD But I passed my exams. I hope yours went well (if you have already done them).

      I’m glad you liked the post! And I need to go on with ADSOM too! I stopped at the first for no reasons aside getting to read other books 😀


  3. This does sound brilliant! I actually love the creativity of this idea, and I love the sales pitches you came up with 😉 I’ve never read these books, but they certainly do sound… interesting 😛 Not sure I want to visit Tinder myself, but I *am* intrigued enough to go check it out on GR!

    Liked by 1 person

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