New Year’s Resolution

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Hello, readers! How are you? The new year is here and my birthday! I’m officialy 24. Not that I partied hasrd as I should, but now I’m older. Honestly I’m not really focusing on that, but on the fact that a new year is full of occasion.

Did you noticed that the blog theme is now a new one? Hope you like it. I’m gonna do some monthly change during the whole year, but I’m gonna talk about this in another post. Maybe. I don’t see it as a big deal.

Anyway, here’s my list of resolutions and goals for this 2018. That’s a fatc. I mean, I’m 24. I cannot say anymore: hey, will do that later. Just no. I’m an adult, yet I don’t really feel like one, at least not if I look up at the propor definition and idea that society has of adults.

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COMPLETE THE BUCKET LIST || During 2017 I wrote down a list of thing to complete. While I managed to realize two points of the list, I’ve so many things to do. There are both difficult and easy project and I don’t care if I’m going to complete things from just one type or a mix of both. The important is that I want to get down at least ten of them. 

Just to name a few of the objectives:

  1. respect Camilla’s rules. Is a list of little morals and quotes written by me for keeping me cheered up and strong. I’m gonna try to live by them as much as I can
  2. take driver license
  3. do the volunteer somewhere or helping people
  4. create a curriculum
  5. do camping
  6. riding a horse again, at least one time
  7. do a morning walk with the fog
  8. do a second tattoo
  9. travel, alone, with a friend. Just a travel
  10. take part to the queer Pride here in Rome, since Ian McKellen will be there as the main guide
  11. see a film in a open space
  12. visit the Oktoberfest – even if it’s not the original one
  13. go to the opera
  14. visit a street fair
  15. go inside a haunted house
  16. drink apple cider. I never have the occasion
  17. eat a caramelized apple, or with chocolate
  18. see more museum. I see an exposition? I go there without thinking too much

TAKING CARE OF MYSELF || During 2017 I realized that I like myself. I like myself even if I’m fat and overweight. Yet I’ve few moments in which I don’t appreciate myself, like looking at my pics and thinking: why am so big? But this ins’t a major deal. I can live with me.

Yet, sometimes I feel like  I would feel mentally and physically bettere in a slimmer body.  I remembred how staying on diet made me feel lees heavy and 2017 has been a year in which stress and more weight always came together. It’s an habit I want to destroy.

So, I want to:

  • keep myself on a normal diet and do exercise when I can or don’t feel too much tired
  • do regular treatment along with the diet
  • go to the doctor and check few facts
  • keep out my stress, my anxiety and some other dark part of my mind… that I’m not really open to discuss right now.

FRIENDSHIP IN REAL LIFE AND THE INTERNET || One point that I really find precious: find more friends. I’m gonna be selective, maybe even cruel with my sudden goodbyes but I don’t want to go back to certain types of friendship where I felt more like something more. Two friends gave me this big impression and I finallt realize how much some aspect of our relationship were toxic and damaging me. From now both will be only superficial friendships. I need to stay out.

What I want is to find more alike people, both in real both in the internet. I’m quite envy of all this amazing internet friendship I saw around. I want to concentrate on Instagram, were people are always super open. I’m glad of having found the group of international bloggers ❤ Honestly, I’m someone that is usual really close with her definition of friendship but I’m going to be definitely more open.

 RESPECT MY SCHEDULE || My life need a schedule. That’s is. And I’m super bad at sticking at it. But I  must. I lost too much time on silly things instead of focusing of the things that I should do. From now one I must change my habits.




PUBLISH REVIEW AFTER FINISHING THE BOOK || I’ve so many, so many, so many, review that I must write that I don’t even know how I will do it. Maybe there will be more extra post during the weeks, but I really want to do this before having a super long list of review to write down.

 PUBLISH AT LEAST TWO POST A WEEK || This is one of the must important. I need to keep up and scheduling is the key. Not a mistery here, right? But is not easy as it seems and I feel like this 2018 is gonna be so busy….

BE ACTIVE ON OTHER PEOPLE BLOGS || Commenting, commenting and commenting. I’m so sorry to all the blogger I follow and I wasn’t able to comment their last post, but I will try to keep up as much as I can ❤ But I know that commenting is useful and also a great way to let know the bloggers that you appreciate them, so I’m gonna give it priority.



FOCUS ON SERIES || I’ve so many series that I need to complete… that I don’t want to think about them. So next thing that I’m gong to do is to buy less random book and focus on serie, so when I end a certain book I will buy the next and read as soon as it arrives.

READ AT LEAST ONE HOURE A DAY ||  In the morning, during the afternoon, at night… I will read at least on hour. I noticed how I can be really fast with certain read and an hour would be great to go on with the novel if I don’tn have enought time during the whole day

READ 100 OR 150 BOOKS || I would love to dare with 200 but I know that I might never be able to do it again. So I will go with 100 – nor less – and maybe raise 150.



FINISH TO EDIT THE FIRST BOOK || Has been ages since I siad: the book is finished. I’m a huge liar. Everytime I found something else to add or move, or delete. But right now I’m going to do the last edit and that’s it. It would be amazing to find sensitivy readers in Italy, since there are few things that really bug me and the poin of view of a diverse reader would be amazing. But since there’re non in my country, I will do what I’ve to do by myself.

WRITE THE SECOND BOOK || I was going to do it during last year, but I failed. Since I want to concentrate at first with the first book, then I’m going to write down the draft of this one.

TAKING PART TO NANOWRIMO || This time I don’t want to enter with the intention to write but to edit and I’m talking about the second book. This objective may change if I’m not done with the second novel.

FIND AN AGENT || That’s the huge step that is going to make understand if I will ever be able to publish in my country or I should try the do it translating my novel in English. I would love to be a published author in Italy, or maybe even trying the indie way but it’s not something that I can do in this country.

divisorio uno






20 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Firstly, I love how you resolutions weren’t just related to books. Thank you for sharing about your life! This is a wonderful list and I know that you can accomplish it! I’m especially excited for your book ❤

    Btw I love the graphics you used in this post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with all your resolutions Cam, and take care of yourself you lovely lady!!

    I only really have one resolution which is for blogging and in general which is to be more organised, I’ve got a diary for this so hopefully I can stick to that! I’m forever forgetting things xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Kath ❤ I always use an agenda for my blogging schedule but I don't always manage to stick to it. Sometimes the major problem is to sit down and just write the posts. Which isn't easy at all, especially if you had a tiresome day before 😦


  3. Happy birthday! These are wonderful resolutions. I’m also trying to take care of myself this year. I want to feel strong as much as I want to lose weight. Your life goals are so cute! I’ve never gone camping or traveling with a friend either. I’m also trying to be more active in the blogging community! Sometimes it just takes so long to leave meaningful comments, but it’s worth it. Good luck with your writing goals!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I would really love to complete at least the easier points of my bucket list. I’m not really a camping type but I want to try. Traveling would be be great but the major problem would be finding the money.
      Being active on bloggign isn’t easy as it seems, also because it’s beautiful to live meaningfull comments, but sometimes I remain without too much to say. It’s a shame XD
      Good luck with your goals too ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. These are such epic resolutions and I love them!! I hope you have a lot of fun and success with these. And best of luck with the publishing-route-and-finding-an-agent. Eeep. That’s a huge step and can be so hard, but TOTALLY worth it. I believe in you!! And yay for doing more NaNos and writing more books. ❤ I also would like to try and keep stress down in 2018 but hahha hmm. Probably not going to happen.😂 I can dream though. I still need to figure out my resolutions list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Keeping out stress is the difficult part. Sometimes it comes and that’s it. I cannot shut it out. Thanks for believing in me XD I’m quite terrified about this huge step, also because I’ve some fears about my novel. But what’s done is done and I’m gonna face it when it will be published. BECAUSE IT WILL. Or I hope so.


  5. Good luck with all your resolutions! 😄
    I’m hoping to finish my current draft and then edit it … which will be interesting, as this is my first time ever editing something, but I’ll see how it goes. And then there’s time for working on even more ideas!

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  6. Ah ! you are one year older than me; I just turned 23 😁​ also twinning with you for passing my begginer for driving .. *cough* Also apple cider is soo good, I love it ! alchoholic or not.

    Goodluck with all of thoses ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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