End of the Year || Wrap Up



Readers, here we are. Today is the last day of 2017 and also MY BIRTHDAY. Not that I’m feeling over the top, and I’m staying with my parents at two other family’s friends. And that’s all.

But are you all ready for this? Well, there is only one answer:  THAT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE. Unless you’ve a TARDIS. If you’re a common human being, well, I’m sorry. It’s done.

Cheer up with fireworks ❤

So, this recap is going to be a little particular. I will not talk about my favorite and worst read, but about books in general, about me as a writer, what I learned. I’ve a lot ot say and I hope you will stick with me until the end.


I’m almost done with my Goodreads challenge, but I’m going to miss it by a book. And… I don’t care. What is done is done and I really prefer to concentrate on a last book that trying to rush towards the end.

But this isn’t what I want to talk about. What I want to discuss is my 2017 experience as a reader.

First thing I noticed: the more I read young adult, the more I stopped to relate to “adult” novels. It’s not that I cannot read any anymore, but I don’t feel like I should. And I don’t care a single bit about what people think of this category. Like, please, if they only knew what young adult books really talk about they would shut up.

But that’s the point. Even if some characters are just sixteen or little more, reading about their teen years made me see a lot of my past self. And of myself in the present. There’re many things that I brought with me from my teen years and now I’m 24. I’m an adult but I’m also not. I don’t feel like the adults I see around. Also, it’s probable that when I will be 30 I will not feel like them again. I will be my new type of adult. A new generation.

Also, 2018 and 2019 are going to be full intersectional year, full pro diversity. It’s a thing that I studied in my trend classes at academy, looking out for new fashion aspect, new lifestyle and movements and many other things that regard society. Especially how the world is gonna change. That means more occasion to find myself repsented.

Another point: many young adult protagonist of famous series, grow up during the novels. That means that their need changes and so some books’  parts. Many young adult will become new adult and maybe will kill of the idea of erotic=new adult.

So, I found my dimension. It migh change in the future. It might not. But for the moment that is.


I will briefly talk about my view of the current italian situation: it’s not good.

First thing first. What I noticed is how many italian bloggers are pro-diversity but they quick become exactly what they’re supposed with figthing while trying to move critique to the book. They pretend to impose some kind of moral standard without actually understanding the context of why a character, maybe a queer or a POC acted in that way.

That’s sad, quite clearly. And that’s what made me feel distant from many bloggers. I feel that many are waiting to be educated, instead of realizing that soonn even Italy will be full of diversity. That they should push it. I will not be the one that will educate and I don’t want to. It would be silly.

Secondo things.  I feel, almost at totally, that the italian blogging community is stuck. They just recycle  old meme from English blogs, they never try out discussion, they never try to raise attention over something that might be controversial or intersting. I’m quite annoyed and bored, sometimes I don’t feel motivated to even comment or read other people’s blog. I don’t know if it’s only a thing of mine or not.

But, as an italian blogger, I created few things. I opened a book club organized as a chat over Facebook, in which from now on we will read only book freshly published. Figure that a Darker Shade of Magic arrived in my country just few months ago.

I created a group for writers – not so active -, created a discussion chain with other bloggers and opened a 2018 reading challenge about diversity. Still trying to make the latter more famous.

As an internationl blogger I’M REALLY HAPPY! I got many new and followers, new interactions (I’m behind my commenting schedule but I don’t give up) that for a bit I was thinking about dropping the italian blog. But also I know how much it would have been a difficult move, since I still live in my country and I don’t know if I’m ever going to move like I’m planning.

Anyway, I joined an amazing group of international bloggers where I can discuss and chit-chat. I realized how many of Twitter people, even if state really good points, are also the ones that spread some kind of negativy. Fighting is good but when you always wrote about fighting without taking a moment to breath… I’m sorry, I can’t. For my health, I need a break. And I understood how to follow, learn but also take my step back and relax without getting wrapped up in every new daily fight.


As I writer I understood two things. The first one is about my processes. I know that I need to lock out my inner editor. I need only to write, then to pick up what I wrote, edit it and do research to re-edit it. I still might do research before starting, or in the middle if a need a little base on which writing what I’m trying to illustrate or so. Or sometimes I will do research before writing.

I got that I’m a slow writer. Sometimes my mind goes… numb and slow like a snail. If I focus too much my writing get too much slow. If I don’t focus I write many ugly thing, sometimes even offensive. I’m human, I do s**t, and that’s why editing and recollected writing is necessary for me.

The second things is an ugly truth. I might not be able to publish with a publisher in Italy. It’s clear that in this age having an agent is necessary. While I noticed how submitting your novel is free in other countries… well, in mine it’s not. I’ve to pay. A lot. Since I will always submit to more than one agency… I cannot think of the cost. Is a sacrfice that I would do with my eyes closed, if only I had the money. Basically, the prespective of being an indie author – quite difficult in a country where novels like mines are looked like piece of crap and italians really don’t read that much – or translating the whole novel in English. I’ve zero idea about how agencies accept or don’t not UK or USA authors, but I will try.

Anyway, during this year, I tried to finish the last version of my first book and I kinda did. Right now I’m doing the last re-read and edit. But I want to finish it during the first month of 2018, because I feel like my time will soon end. I’ve so many project and my busy life doens’t allowe to write as much as I want. Neither myself.


And now it’s time for the most terrible part of the recap 😂 I’m talking about my real life, which sometimes seems so far away from my real passion:

  • I finished the first yea of academy and started the second one
  • Created a bucket list of things to do during the 2018 and I already realized two: getting a new look and dancing under the rain
  • I learned how to create the base of: trousers, shirt, montgomery, and jacket in four part.
  • My view of me being queer and feminist expanded
  • I nearly got free of two friendship that I don’t value anymore like at the start. From now both will remain just a superficial friendship

So, at the end of the year I created a list of goals that I was going to realize during 2017:

  • finish to edit the book and find a publisher || It’s quite clear that I reached ony half of this goal, but I’m fine with it. It made me realize many things about my writing
  • work on the secondo book and finish it || another half goal since I finished only the first part
  • read at last 200 books || AHAHAHAHAHA. Why did you think that I wa going to do it?
  • take the driver license || big big big failure
  • find more public for your blog || definitely did for this one
  • do regular writing excercise || oh, yeah, sure… like I’d the time
  • be more open to other readers || I think that I’ve been okay with that. I reached to other people more then what I thought
  • take care of myself || only sometimes, so kinda failed
  • taking the academy more seriously || yes…? I don’t know if I did. I need to focus more.
  • finding time to help other people || definitely something I didn’t but I want to repair this in 2018
  • do a travel alone or with my best friend || with what kind of money?


That’s it! How was your year? Did you notice any change? What do you think? Are you excited for 2018?



4 thoughts on “End of the Year || Wrap Up

  1. Happy new year and also, happy belated birthday! It’s really interesting about your thoughts on how you see your past and present self in YA, and how young adults reading YA right now will have different needs when it comes to NA and could shift the genre. I never thought it that way and it’s so interesting! I hope it’s true that 2018 and 2019 will be a year for diversity ❤

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