Monthly TBR – September 2017

Readers in the attic, we’re officially inside the month of September. And fall is near ❤ I’m taking a sort of break from Twitter, where I did a thing about I’m not proud of. But I dont’ want to talk in details about it. I messed up with a person, thanks to my anxiety mostly.

Anyway, I’m so far behind my goodreads challenge. I set a goal of 100 books but I’m behind fourteen books on the schedule. Next days I will be off in Tuscany (actually I should be there by yesterday  – yes, this post is programmed) and I will try to read as much as I can.


Yes, in the pic are featured only two books but one of the physical was still on its way when I took the photo and the others are ebooks.

First of all I’m planning to read Metro 2035. It’s the last book of dystopia series that I love. The books are heavy and long but you should give it a chance. Anyway, I was sure to read this one between one book and another… and I failed :’)

Right now I’m reading Siege and Storm that has been quite good so far. I didn’t loved that much Shadow and Bone but I feel that I will become a great fan of Grishaverse with this one.

I also will read, if I’ve a time the last book of a fantasy Italian author from my childhood. Another book of a series is Lady Thief, second book of gender bender and retelling of Robin Hood. I was intrigued by the first novel and I liked the protagonists – even if I hated the boys 😂

In ebook I have Sisters which seems to be a random thriller, so a nice read for the last day of summer. I don’t know much, if not that one is dead and another is not. Plus, I got and ARC of The Tiger’s Daughter. I must read it because it will be published during the first day of October and also I’ve to write a review.


These are the books that will have a priority during September. Which are yours?

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8 thoughts on “Monthly TBR – September 2017

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Oh I have the Tiger’s Daughter to read too! I kind of forgot about it on my kindle, so I need to get to that.😂 And yesss Siege and Storm is SO GOOD. Sturmhond is literally the best character of my life. 😍

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