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Hi, bookworms! Hope you had a great week. Today I’m here with a particular kind of post. In fact it’s dedicated to artbooks.
I don’t know if you’re a lover of them but I’m one. I just want to talk a bit about Zodiac, without going inside a deep and particular of art critique, since I’m not qualified to talk like a real critique.
Zodiac is an artbook dedicated to western zodiac and chinese too, along with beatiful illustration of the four elements and the planets.
The draw are made by Paolo Barbieri, a great artist that I love but this time his artbook wasn’t my favorite.
Every illustration has as a companion a short text written by Gero Gigli, an italian writer, but honestly.. the texts suckes. They made no sense, really. They’re just phrases put here and here to make a resemblance between the words and the illustrations.
As I already wrote, the illustration are about western and chinese zodiac and I felt that it was a real pity that Barbieri didn’t take his time to explore and illustrate all the other zodiac of the world. Also I didn’t find the chinese illustration to be so amazing. I didn’t feel at all the country to which it’s dedicated.
Then, if you’re not an artbook pioneer, maybe Zodiac is the first book that will give you hard times, especially with Barbieri. Every page screams: magic and mystic, while all his past artbook where more fairytale like and stick the their theme with the right ambience and atmosphere. Here, Barbieri took a lot of artisti license.
So, in the end I can say that I’m satisfaited but not at 100%.
Barbiere has always an amazin style with tradionatl and digital media but I feel that this artbook is missing something or lacks of few details. I really didn’t like the fact that between amazing and marvelous digital illustration there are traditional draws that seem to be completely out of place in the artbook’s concept.

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