Contact and review policy

I can collaborate with authors and publishers. I accept book both in digital and paper format.
All my reviews are sincere and honest. The reviews hasn’t a fixed length. It depends on what I have to write.
Before contacting me, please read carefully the review policy. Mails that doesn’t respect the conditions, will be deleted.
Please contact me at:

Review requests are currently closed

For authors:

I’m the one that decide to accept or not the book you propose. The following reasons why I accept or reject a reviews’ request are:

  • the blurb doesn’t appeal me or the genre isn’t really my favorite
  • I’ve not enough time in that moment to concentrate on the book 
  • the request is missing what is cited below.

 The mail must contain: a brief presentation of yourself and all the details about your book: title, blurb, cover, pages, publication date and all the important details regarding your novel
A mail without these details will be delete immediately.

My preferences are for: fantasy,  science fiction, steampunk, horror,  dystopia, contemporary, almost every kind of fantasy related genre and young adult. I’m fine with mixed genres and adult books too. For the latter I may be a little more picky in my choice.


★★★★★ Epic poem – Got emotional and amazed behind repair.
★★★★   Less epic but still good – I love almost everything, even with the flaws but the spark for falling completly in love… well, it wasn’t there.
★★★   Cute, but it coul have been better –  A lot of the books I read fall in this category: from neutral experience, mixed feeling and mildly enjoyment. Lack of world building and not loving the characters play a huge part. Not convinced but I  liked it an a certain way.
★★   Miserable and a bit of wasted papers – Between a “no” and “some parts are actually good”. Yet, the result of my read wasn’t amazing.
★   Run away, fools! – If I rate a book with one star, I probably hate or despise it, for multiple reason or nothing worked for me. Suppose I quite explained myself on that.

My rating is really personal. It’s based onto my own experience and reflections over the book. Plot, characters, world building, atmosphere and my personal feelings are what dictates the final rating.  There is no precise formula for them and it may vary a lot from books to books and so to writing style and another one.

At the end of the read I chose an initial rating that may vary while writing the review, since my mind can get clarified over some details I wasn’t fully convinced

In my country – Italy – I already collaborate with these publishers:
Piemme  –  Garzanti  –  Multiplayer Edizioni  –  Newton Compton  –  De Agostini  –  Longanesi  – Mondadori  – Rizzoli