On there blog there’re many features. I will keep a great number of the same that I use on the italian version of the blog.
Many of them are still to be started on this blog. The ones that are currently already working on the blog, are in purple

Reviews It basically explain itself. The reviews are dived into more section but they always talk about books, comics, tv shows and so.

The Comic’s Den  ↠  A special side of the reviews dedicate to comics and graphic novels

Watching on Screen  ↠  Another special side of the reviews, but this time I write about films and tv shows

Book of the month ↠  A pool that will feature various book that you will be able to vote. I will read and review the book the month after the pool

Next on the attic  ↠  What I’m currently reading

Best and Worst of the Month  A list of the character I met durin the month and how I related to them

Monthly tbr of the month, book haul and wrap up It’s quite clear itself 😃

Camilla’s Literary Salon ↠  A place where I touch many topic about books and the bookish community

Camilla’s suggestions ↠ not a regular features but it will always talk about special book editions, bookish shops and whatever can make a reader happy.

Bookish Gadgtes   Unboxing and new bookish purchases

The Bibliophile Gamer  A video game features for bookworms who also gamers

Pages of Art  ↠  Little opinions about artbooks

Let’s meet each other   ↠  A chit-chat features in which I will write more about myself and what is going on with my life

Travel Diary  A features that happen only when I’m travelling and I write about the places I visit and all the bookish shops that I find during the way