From bookshop to readers || April 2020


Hello, fellow bookish folks! Today we’re here with our monthly blog post about new releases.
At first, after seeing that I had the post in my list, I thought: is it still worth to do?
You know, with the virus situation and everything, some books’ releases are being pushed in the next months. Still, there are probably some books that are coming out, one way or another.

So, I included the ones that will see the light to public in April. Please, forgive me if some dates and books are wrong! I don’t follow all the authors in the list and I’m basing this post on Netgalley and Goodreades dates. Hopefully they all have been updated to their rightful dates and no problem will arise in the list.

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Book review || The Reader by Traci Chee


Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well as April’s month go on.
Two quick things:

  • Did I already pass three years with this blog? Probably yes, because yesterday WordPress sent me a message that it was my sing up anniversary
  • Today post has been published earlier than the usual. I’m trying to see if this new schedule will work out with making the blog more visible.

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It’s April time || What happened last month?


Hello there, bookish folks!
In the last recap I mentioned how much I felt off, how I needed to re-asset myself, and for a moment I did, but I didn’t manage to keep up behind three posts.

Again, I don’t want to give any promise on how I’ll succeed in the blog posting again, but I’ll try to give my best. And, to be honest, I was dubious about posting this recap because my March has been a pretty empty, but… also it couldn’t hurt, right?

Let’s hope this April will set in a new course I’m in desperate need of.

tired cat GIF


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Of Writers || Do and don’t of writing Italy

DADOWI - Writer

Happy writing post day to all the readers and writers out there! Today I’m here with a special post. It won a poll, like ages ago, and all my good ideas about writing it down were swept away by me… slacking off and rolling in my bed. You know, instead of doing things.

This post won’t be too much polemic, and I’ll try to handle the issues at my best, but some points may turn out to be difficult to discuss about. Especially since this one was supposed to be a laid-back mini-article. But if you know me, you also know how laid back and me aren’t two words that often goes together.

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From bookshop to readers || March 2020


Hello, bookish folks! Today I’m here with the post with all the monthly releases that catched my attention.

Before diving into new amazing titles, I need to write down this disclaimer. As much as I always loved giving my personal commentary to every book on the list, it was something that took a lot of my time and energy.

At the moment, I’m not 100% creative and I’m starting to feel physically weak, so instead of leaving my personal opinion, from now on I’ll report the book’s blurbs as they are. I hope this won’t disappoint you all, but that you will understands

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