Of Writers || Sixteen questions for a writer and their characters


Hello there, dear bookish folks and today a special hi for all the fellow writers!

It has been quite a lot since I wrote something dedicated to this craft, and I thought to change a bit my registry. I’d moving with on and off on my WIPs and my characters, but this time I want to concentrate on something else.

Reasons why, I decided to ask myself some already made questions about writing! For this, you must thank Fuck Yeah Character Development, a blog on Tumblr dedicated to writing.

I found an interesting list of forty questions, mostly character oriented, but I thought I could work around them and realize something worth a bit of your time 😊Read More »


The Book Addiction Tag


Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well while I’m…. late with my exams. During these days I’ll be mostly on my own while at home, because one of my parents will be out for a travel and the other at work.

I’m happy because I can regulate my needs without feeling judged, like when I take a small break from the exam project. But also, I’ll have the dinner under my control. Still no idea what to cook for tonight anyway 😂

Anyway, time for a special thanks to Meeghan @Meeghan Reads! She tagged me and to be honest… the blog was totally in need of something relaxing and fun?Read More »

Of Bloggers || Get to know the Italian bloggers!


Hello, bookish folks! I hope you’re well, watching this post in your most relaxed mood as you drink your favorite beverage.
The decision to create and post this special, arrived fast and fastly was operated.  My major inspiration goes to Molly @Bi Bookish Babe, who contacted me some time ago to be part of amazing mater list of over 100 queer bloggers! So I thought to make something similar for Italian bloggers

In the future there will be some surprises, hopefully, so this is not the last time you see of them. Before getting into this list, I want to thanks the bloggers that helped me find and reach out to other people, contributing to list:

Actually…. wait! Last but not the least important is  Karis! She contacted during the early phase of the project with an amazing and kind proposition: she will deliver some ARCs to the bloggers when she will visit Italy again!


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Of writers || Six bad things I did to myself as a writer

SixBadThingRAHello again, fellow bookish folks. I’m writing this post while side watching a silent gameplay of Blair Witch. I’m slowly regretting it, but the game is not as scary as I thought… at least not for now.

This post was supposed to go up at least last week but I was not exactly in the mood. Sadly, I’m a lot behind my exam scheduling and I’m trying not to panic about it. One of the reasons why I will try to blog only at night and concentrate during the rest of the day. I really need to put out a turbo on my schedule.

Anyway, let’s go on with this post, in which I won’t talk about OUAL (despite things going great on that project), but I’ll talk a bit about the worst thing I did to myself as a writer.

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Book Review || The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


Hey there, bookish folks! I hope you’re well and here we are with a book review.

Funny enough, but this review really comes on the perfect time. Just yesterday, when I followed a link throught Instagram stories, I ended up on the stories of this thin Italian girl. There, she literally… not exactly ranted, but definitely went invalidating society fatphobia in over 20 stories parts.a

I guess I’m good, because my mental health didn’t  go down, neither I was that angry. I just wrote a tiny salty caption in my stories, and if you know me, you well know that’s not “angry” for me. Anyway, this was another reminder that I should excpect nothing by white thin feminist.

Anyway, with this nice reminder, let’s go talking about this amazing book with a fat protagonist, someone who actually deserve a spotlight.

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