Book Review || Spectacle by Jodie Lynn Zdrok


Hello, dear bookish folks! While you will be reading this post, I’ll be probably still inside the academy or starting to get back home.

I’m sorry that in the last days I  skipped my usual posts, but  academy and exam stuff were taking over and I’ve decided to give those priority.

In fact, this review was going to be published on Wednesday, but… well, some days late here it’s. *feel the author stare on her head*

But please, now give me your attention because…. hopefully soon, Jodie will be the first author I’ll host in a series of author interviews during the year! I’ll release the other names as soon as I sent out all the final questions I need to write down (only for others two authors!).

TW: gore, murder, serial killer, death of beloved ones

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The Bloggers in the Attic ||Social issue and required reads in Italy



Hello, dear bookish folks! Today, in the second day of February, it’s time to celebrate. And you know why? Because a new amazing project is now officially on!

I’m soon going to explain the event and their participants in a little intro. The initiative was put on quite fast. I admit that maybe I should have taken a little more time to make everything more comfortable for the other participants, but I’m really happy people decided to hop in.

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January Recap || It was okay but February is here


Hello, dear bookworms! How are you all? I hope good. It’s time for a recap and for some reasons has been ages since I’ve done one. Or feel like I’ve done one.

I think that in the past months I skipped a proper recap. My mind wasn’t in the right place.

But ehi, things happens. So, I’m writing this recap at possible speed book blogger light mode. Because yes, I forgot that today is the last day of the month and my schedule for February is full. Terribly full.


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The WIP Chronicles || Personality test and some ghosts

thewipchronicles - 1

Hello, dear bookworm and it’s time for the first revelation that I was planning to make. WELCOME TO THE WIP CHRONICLES.

Or a really uncreative name but also very fitting one for the situation. In this writer mini features, I’ll update you all on my WIP, some funny facts, some research update I managed. I want to thanks the dear Kal @Reader Voracious , because I remember that she was very positive about this… and so here we are.

oscars applause GIF


It may end to be a monthly feature, if luck will support me along managing time. I really hope you will enjoy this first official try 🙂

Also, remember that you can check the previous and similar post with the NaNoWriMo special:

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Book Review || Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas



*Laughs nervously even before the common salute*

So…. hello, bookish people. Today is review today. But also fighty day. Depends on you but also depends on the fandom.

Because yes, today I’m going to review Throne of Glass. I know it’s pretty old but 1) reviewing book has no age or limit whatsoever 2) sometimes reviews of older books have get more attention of the new one.

This happen mostly because people like to discuss books. Star to pray that the fandom doesn’t find me.

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Of Writers ||What writers release in their books?


Hello, bookish folks! In this particular case, writers folks! Today is time for a discussion. I think that, in terms of writing theories, is one of the most difficult I ever wrote.

It can lead to arguments and can even be defined controversial? To be honest, I do not think I’m going to let you read something incredibly blowminding, but sometimes, in the middle of all the discussion we get around, we may miss some important and interesting details.

The topic I’m going  to discuss is pretty much… enormous? I can in every direction with that. I hope you all get is as a sort of ideas/speculation, since this can change from writer to writer and how they write. Also, since around there are so many bad takes *side eyes the romance discussion (yes, one day I’m gonna talk about it too)*, maybe I can allow myself to risk a bit with this topic.Read More »

Book Reveiw || A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer


Hello, bookish folks! I’m sorry that I had to skip the last two posts of the month but I ended up being very busy and with little time to schedule.

I wanted to break with another type of post, but I suddenly realized that the release date for this book is pretty near (is it tomorrow? I need to check), so it’s definitely time for a book review.

Don’t worry, my next post will be an interesting discussion post 🙂

The e-Arc was provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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