The Bloggers in the Attic || How reading diversely changed us and its importance


Hello, followers of the chain. At least, I hope if you got there it’s because of the chain, the discussion chain.
Luck assisted me again, because I’m still in Abruzzo and I’ll probably depart next Sunday morning. But nothing is sure. So yep, I’m still publishing the post thanks to my phone hotspot.
I’m so glad it’s keeping on and not leaving me in the middle of the nothing.

Anyway, for other details, please consult the information’s I’ll leave down here. As the opening post of the discussion, I’ll host the general presentation and the list of the participants.Read More »


Of Books || Characters that are like me

Characters like me RA

Hey, dear folks! I hope you’re well. I’m still in Abruzzo and without wi-fi., so if you’re reading this post thanks my phone hotspot.

I admit it was pretty heavy for me to publish this or just to come back writing for the blog. When I started the travel I was sure I was going to come back home early in few days, but the trip took longer, so I’m still hear. And I wasn’t in the mood for working at all. I need to respond my friend messages but I kept staring at them with no thoughts. Maybe writing this and publish it will help me waking up my mind a tiny bit?Read More »

Know the blogger: 25 questions with Camilla


Hey folks! I’m so excited to present you all this post… I never done before! Or at least I think I never did. I may have answered some questions thanks to tags, but it happened years ago and in this case I asked for other people collaboration.

I’ve seen on Tumblr those huge question lists or ask away. The moment “I will do it too!” arrived shortly after. At first I wanted to got for 30 questions but I wanted for bloggers and followers to collaborate more, so I had to reduce the number to 25. It’s not bad at all as a number and other people were so collaborative with the iniziative.

Questions  were collected from fellow bloggers or around the internet. A special thanks the the blogger that participated, so says YAY for Jamsu @Jamsudreams, Sam @Fictionally Sam, Haley @The Caffeinated Reader, Ruby @Ruby’s Books, Sophia @Bookwyrming Thoughts, Lana @BiblioMedico, Meeghan @Meeghan ReadsRead More »

2019’s goals update ||Trying to improve your year even if it’s half gone


Hello again fellow bookish folks! After such a long time I finally decided to do another recap, or a sum of my year so far. Since 2019 hasn’t been the great year I was expecting, at least I can try to list down the god and the bad, trying to find a bit the balance I lost.

It also will help me clear my mind, talking about what I managed to archive and what I didn’t, focusing more on what remain of this year and swoly trying to set my views for 2020.

And since, to be honest, I’m running out of into ideas, let’s go on with some stats. All the graphics comes from Kal @Reader Voracious amazing template

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Watching on Screen || Middle grades show waiting for you to watch them


Hello again, folks! Today we go into the world of films and tv series! Times ago, the middle grade choice won over the thriller one, so it’s time to make a small list of very interesting, cute and fun shows I saw and maybe you didn’t. Reason why you need to catch up as soon as possibile with them.

If you got Netflix, chances are that you can watch them easily but I’m sure that around the internet there’s some place to watch them.  So let’s start with…Read More »