Time to fight for the Pond! || #Pondathon is here


Hello, dear bookish folks! Today post is a surprise! In fact, I was supposed to post something related to writing, but yesterday night I had a moment of inspiration and decided to join the Pondathon.

I’ve seen my bookish friends joining it and at a certain point, after having read the story and see all the work behind it, I said to myself: why, why not?!
And here I’m, at my first ever serious readathon. In fact, sad or fun detail, I already joined a readathon in the past but I didn’t manage to catch on it. This time I’ll try to make it different.Read More »

Book Review || Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer


Hello there, fellow bookish folks! How are you doing?
Today I’m here with a book review! More of a graphic novel one, but still the first of the year!

I’ve always been a huge fan of TLC, mostly because it was one of the first young adult series that I read in English, thanks to bookstagram and it also pushed me into the book blogging world!
When the graphic novel came out, I was… very happy? I’m not sure how to describe in a single word how I felt with the occasion to meet again TLC’s protagonist.

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From bookshop to readers || January 2020


Hello, bookish folks! How is your first month going?
I’m sad to say my first day of the new year was a disaster thanks to my family. But… hey, a lot of you celebrated me and and birthday online and that made me felt incredibly loved.
It was the sweetest thing ever and it carried me in the next days. Since my mother ruined my day

But enough with sad news! Today I’m back with a huge list of new release for the whole month of January! Don’t forget to add  a tittle in the comment if you feel that an amazing book is missing.

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A book blogger in the 2020 || It’s all about goals


Happy start of 2020, dear fellow bookworms! I’m back from hiatus and with many purposes for this new year.

As you saw, if you followed me during 2019, my year was a non-stop of ups and down. To the point that during the whole month of December I decided to took a definitive hiatus and so my time to present myself with a brand-new month schedule.

im back GIF


As much as I wish too, I can’t fully promise I’ll be back in perfect shape. In fact, this post was finished in the last day of 2019. Yes. My month has a schedule but is not scheduled. Hopefully, my burn out is in its last days.

I would love to keep talking about the blog and my complete inability to keep up, but let’s use the interesting part for the actual post, instead of the introduction.
Anyway, I sincerely hope that this new year will be, if not a lot, slightly different.Read More »

Book review || The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Hello there, fellow bookish folks! How are you doing?
The week is reaching it’s middle but I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing. As I write you this words, I’m… currently scheduling this post. Sound so strange once it’s written down.

Anyway, while I write I’m watching a very interesting film, but probably trashy, called Priest. It involve a badass priest fighter, vampire and wasteland. I’ll just add that there are throwing stars that are actually cross.
The perfect background for writing a review, as the rain pour outside, a hot tea and a lighter candle by my side.Read More »